In the words of Jay-Z..Tom Ford!!

Oh.My.God, I love this man! So does every other woman in the fashion industry and beyond. From my first sniff of Black Orchid I’ve been a huge, huge fan of Tom Ford.

Not only is he probably the best looking gay man I’ve ever laid eyes on (see below) but he’s undeniably one of the nicest guys around.

Whether you’re reading a rare interview in a magazine, or watching him on TV, Ford always seems to have time for the reporter giving genuinely thought out answers to their questions.

The other day I was watching his interview on ITVs Lorraine with Mark Heyes. Mark was asking him about the AW14 collection he had just shown at LFW. If you’ve seen any images from his show you will of course know that the colour of the season for him, and many others, was black. Mark was asking him about this, his response was about how black was the highest selling colour across almost every item in his previous collections. Now where have you ever heard of a man paying that much attention to what us ladies are wearing? Not only that, but he’s listening to us and producing beautiful collections in our favourite colour!

The trend for football jerseys will definitely continue after we saw these shimmy down his catwalk

A personal favourite of mine from the show, also comes in black, but I love the thought behind it.

Some of you may have heard Jay-Z’s track, Tom Ford’ – it’s awesome, of course. When Jay-Z performed it he wore a similar jersey to that we saw on the catwalk last week, just not as shiny!

The 61 stands for Fords’ year of birth.

After the concert these jersey were ripped off and sold everywhere online. So the master has ripped off the rip off – Love it!

Keep your eyes peeled as I’m sure the high street will also be offering something similar. Dressed up or down I can see this being a wardrobe staple next Autumn/Winter.. Long live King Tom.


So What Is It You Actually Do?!

…This is a question I get asked quite a lot when I tell people I’m a personal stylist and shopper.

Often people think it’s a service that is reserved for the uber rich or celebrities, but more and more people are starting to realise that working with someone like me can be really useful in actually saving you money where clothes are concerned!

I would never tell a client to go out and spend hundreds of pounds on a new wardrobe, unless they really wanted to. The way I work is by getting to know you. Family, hobbies, work, children, body likes/ dislikes – you get the picture. This information gives me more of an insight into what someone needs from their wardrobe, then we look at what’s actually hanging in it…this is the fun bit.

I get clients to take me through their clothes, these range from favourite everyday pieces, to the jeans you bought and are going to slim into, to cocktail dresses and shoes – basically everything. We work out what to keep, what to bin and what would be good for charity shops or EBay. Trust me if you’ve not worn something that’s been hanging in your wardrobe for the last year you’re never going to wear it, so why not pass it on and let someone else give it a new lease of life?

It can be hard to clear out your wardrobe, I understand more than anyone the emotional attachment an item of clothing can have. My husband constantly threatens to get rid of my Christian Louboutins, which I’ve only worn once because they were my wedding shoes…as if he’s ever going to win that argument! See them in their glorious gorgeousness below.

Next up I encourage you to try things on, it’s a great way of giving people new outfit options without actually purchasing anything. It’s also the part that surprises most people as they’ll not have thought about wearing clothes in a certain way. It’s when all the little stylist tricks come out, simple things like pushing the sleeves up on a jacket or jumper can change the look and feel of an outfit in an instant and show off some fab accessories!

From here we can also identify key items that are missing. This could be anything from a pair of Converse or skinny jeans to a statement necklace or decent bra! I make this list there and then, but after the wardrobe clear out I’ll go away and come up with suitable options to help fill the gaps. Then it’s up to you when you shop for them. Some people aren’t quite confident enough at that stage so I often accompany people on these shopping trips.

It doesn’t take long for the confidence to start growing though, especially when the compliments start to roll in. It’s even more satisfying to know that you already had those clothes in your wardrobe, with just a little help in putting your outfits together.

Having worked in the fashion industry for nearly 12 years, with all the models and shoots I’ve worked on, nothing is more satisfying then seeing how happy a little wardrobe shake up can make someone. For more info on what I do head to

Pretty in Pink

So, you may or may not have realised that pastels are huge for spring/summer!

These sugary shades have been on the radar since last year and were a bit of a hit over the both seasons. Makes a nice contrast to all the black and grunge thats been going on.

Basically if you didn’t buy into this trend over the last year now is probably the time to come over from the dark side. For those of you that went crazy for last summers’ sorbet shades you’ll probably have a wardrobe full of clothes that are still bang on trend. Lucky you, lucky credit card!

One of the most coverted items has been a bubblegum pink coat. I know what you’re thinking, you’re not 10 years old, but trust me, it’s much more sophisticated and grown up than it sounds.

The high street was originally inspired by the super cool cocoon style from Jil Sander


Not just for the beautiful pastel pink shade, but by the very simple and elegant shape.

If you didn’t purchase this must-have item last season there are still plenty of gorgeous options out there right now.

The coat in general is a big trend for spring, I know it’s normally something a lot lighter, like a mac, but given that this time last year it was snowing in the UK this might be a worthwhile investment!

So here are a few of my favourites on the high street right now.

Mango £139.99

F&F limited edition £50

Miss Selfridge was £75 now £55.30</

River Island £80

Jigsaw £220

Topshop £75