Return of the Moss

That’s right, on the 30th April the long awaited return of Kate Moss for Topshop will launch in stores, online and via Net-a-Porter.

It’s been three years since her last collection for Topshop, who knows why it went on hold but I’m quite excited to see it return.

This collection is less about Kate designing pieces that are trend driven with a little bit of her spin on them, and more about Kate’s own wardrobe, using influences from things she’s worn in the past and her actual style. A pretty clever idea I think, who wouldn’t want to look like Mossy? Say what you want about her lifestyle, you can’t deny she’s well and truly the queen of fashion, and long may she reign!

The collection isn’t cheap, but it never is. I’m sure lots of it will end up on EBay at even more extortionate prices. Plus there is an argument to say do you want to rush out and buy something everyone else is hankering after, then turn up to a party in the same dress as your best mate? But choose wisely and you could end up with a fantastic key piece that will see you through the seasons.

There are tassels, prints, chiffon, feathers, and a hand beaded dress that has a price tag of £600! I think you get the picture, and whilst I mention pictures, the campaign shots are incredible! Kate looks amazing, if you needed any sort of persuasion to open your wallet and get your credit card out these shots will easily do the trick.

So mark it in your diary, Wednesday 30th April, be quick or it’ll be gone.





Coachella is Coming!!

The festival season is about to kick off in style. I don’t think there is any festival that combines music and fashion better than Coachella.

Ok, so it’s not easy for everyone to access like V, Wireless or T in the Park because it’s held over in the US of A, and more specifically California, but it does symbolise the start of the summer festival season.

With it’s cool laid back vibe it’s hardly surprising that high profile celebs such as Kate Bosworth, Diane Kruger and Solange Knowles are regulars, but they’re also not stood behind the roped off VVIP areas, nope, they’re wandering around with the rest of the festival goers. This means we all get some great up close and personal shots of the celebs festival fashion.




Obviously being in the Sunshine State footwear is not a major concern like it is for us in the UK. You’ll see people rocking everything from Isabel Marant wedge heel trainers and Acne Pistol boots, to thigh high gladiator sandals and even the odd heeled sandal – a la Solange! This good weather also means lots of skin on show in short shorts, cropped and bikini style tops and distressed rock tees.

Tassels and fringing is big this summer, I’m sure we’re going to see lots incredible accessories at Coachella that will have us rushing to the high street in search of the perfect tasselled bag that will complete our festival look.

Coachella hosts some of the coolest parties teaming up with high profile fashion brands, this year H&M, Guess, Lacoste and Harpers Bazar are just a few of the big names…so roll on the weekend so that we can all get our festival fashion fix!