Which Watch?

I love a beautiful watch!  I just feel that it adds a finishing touch to every outfit.

Watches have also become a lot more accessible, back in the day you might have been passed down an expensive watch through the family, but now its easy to have a silver, gold and even rose gold to match you mood, and your wardrobe.

The most recent trend has been for women to wear men’s watches, or just larger over-sized watches. Obviously if you’re petite or have small wrists you need to be careful that you don’t walk with a limp because your watch is dragging you down, but you can still work this style by choosing wisely.  Pick something with a large yet minimal watch face and a material strap, this won’t look so chunky and heavy, it’ll also be easier to adjust as you won’t need to worry about removing extra links.

Now you’ve got your beautiful big watch what do you wear with it?  I was always told when it comes to accessories you put everything on, then take one things off – this should achieve the perfect amount of accessorising!  But when it comes to the current trend in wrist wear more is most definitely more!  It doesn’t mater whether your style is boho or bling, understated or over the top, you can mix and match bangles, bracelets and braids that’ll enhance and perfect the loook of your timepiece.  Here’s some inspiration (all images courtesy of Pintrest, main image Folli Follie)

And a big watch doesn’t have to mean big bucks, there is such a great selection available now on the high street. A budget of £150 upwards will buy you a really lovely timepiece made by a well known watch specialist, but if you are looking for something purely to create a look you can find amazing stylised watches from as little as £5….I kid you not!

Inspired?  Well now you know what jewellery needs adding to that box, lets take a look at some of the best big, bold watches out there at the moment.



Jump to it

The jumpsuit, probably the one item in your wardrobe that men don’t seem to understand but women love and lust after.  I guarantee you always get a compliment from another female when you head out in a jumpsuit.

Over the last few years the jumpsuit has gone from being strictly weekend wear, to an everyday staple. No matter what the top trends of the season are,  you’re sure to find a jumpsuit that will help you achieve the look in just one item of clothing.  This summer military and 70’s have both been key, and you can easily find a khaki boiler suit in H&M, or a bold flared trouser jumpsuit in Zara.


I’m desperately seeking a denim version, and thinking ahead to next season I’m hoping to find something with arms. The jumpsuit I’m dreaming of is a Zara one (of course) which seems to have sold out everywhere, and that just makes me want it even more.  So, I’m resulting to Ebay – wish me luck!

My daytime uniform pretty much always involves a pair of jeans, and as the mum of a busy 2 year old I’m always looking for a casual outfit which doesn’t revolve around my ripped skinnes, that gives me the chance to chase him round the park, whist maintaining my modesty and also looking fairly stylish – hence my love for the jumpsuit.

And whilst most of us have our ‘going out out’ clothes that only ever see the light of day when it’s, well, dark, I would encourage you to try and get more out of the pieces you buy and learn how small styling tricks and some well chosen accessories can take you easily from day to night.  In the summer months team your jumpsuit with your favorite sandals, or for a sporty vibe, the fashionistas’ choice of white trainers, and put a small turn up in the leg.  Then when you hit the town keep the turn up and slip on some killer heels, if you have a collar, pop it, and if the jumpsuit has a button-up front now is the time to be a bit risque and leave a couple undone.  If this leaves you feeling slightly exposed try a huge statement necklace, it’ll help feel like you’re still getting some coverage and look super stylish.

So, with all this in mind here are my current high street favorites, and some gorgeous model shots to give inspiration whether your last minute holiday buying, panicking about what to wear to that summer garden party, or looking to update your off-duty, daytime wardrobe.



When in Doubt Stripe it Out

With British Summer time playing true to form, one minute blistering heat, the next torrential down-pours, its so tough to know what to put on in the mornings.  My personal favourite, and I have many, many different styles, is a stripe.

There is something so summer about a stripe, offering a nautical vibe that is classic yet contemporary, you can toughen them up by teaming with ripped jeans and animal prints, or go for the Sloane Ranger style in white jeans and pumps.  Its an ageless pattern that you’re bound to find hanging in wardrobes from newborns to your Granny.

The Breton stripe came to be in March 1858, it was the uniform for all French Navy seamen in Brittany, and the original design, in navy and white, featured 21 stripes, one for each of Napoleon’s victories.  Of course now we are lucky enough to find them in all manner of colour combinations, and not just confined to our top half, but there is still something very French about a Breton teamed with jeans and ballet pumps.

I was recently introduced to Swedish brand Gudrun Sjoden, they’ve been offering fashion with a sustainable design for over 35 years.  I love the way Gudrun talks about her love for contrast and surprising colour combinations, she likes mixing stripes with bold prints and patterns.  For me this is also a quick and easy way to change up the look of your stripes, especially if it’s a top you may have had in your draw for a long time.  Try adding a bold scarf, huge jewels or tribal a necklace, it’s surprising what an instant outfit changer this can be.

Earlier in the week I was rocking out my Gudrun stripe top (in serious blogger pose and the fool I really am) when the sun actually was shining.  This is their Essential Stripe Sweater made from an eco-cotton, it’s really versatile and an incredible fit – the last thing you want is wonky stripes if your top is too tight!


So with all this in mind, plus the storms which are coming our way this week, I’ve pulled together a round up of my favourite stripes for every occasion, whether that’s last minute holiday buys or getting your wardrobe ready for the autumn season that’s fast approaching!



Let Your Legs Do The Talking

I like to keep fit and healthy, I think its important for your body, mind and soul…it also gives you a little leeway when it comes to that bottle of wine at the weekend.

If you’re a regular gym goer its not just your body that gets a workout, it’s your gym kit too! I go to spin, Body Pump and I’m partial to a weekly 90 minute hot yoga class.  Unfortunately for me I’m not one of those girls that just ‘glows’ when they’re working out, I go red, I mean bright red, and sweat – a lot!  All this means I’m constantly on the look out for new bits and pieces to add into my workout wardrobe, if you look good you feel good, so for me there is no better place than the gym to rock a hot outfit.

My current obsession is for loud and proud, patterned leggings. I think this mainly steams from an article that someone mentioned to me about bold print leggings actually making your legs look slimmer than the faithful colour block black version – so now I’m a convert.

I’ve hundreds already, in animal prints, swirls and bright block colours – I’m addicted, and it looks like they are becoming more and more popular.  Of course the prints, patterns and overall look when you’re wearing them are important, but so too is all the technical stuff.  I want to know that the material is going to wear and wash well, that it won’t lose it’s shape and slip down when i’m pounding the treadmill, or worse still, go see through when i’m doing dead-lifts.

One of my favourite brands, Onzie, has been developed by a yogi with over 20 years Bikram yoga experience.  They manage to blend beautiful prints in flattering styles, with free flow technology which ensures you stay cool, dry and comfortable. And late last year I discovered the awesome Mirelle Activewear, their leggings have to be one of the best I’ve worn, offering a thick, breathable and high compression material I don’t keep these confined to the gym, I also make sure I pack them when we go snowboarding in the winter as a base layer.

So step out of the black and into the bright, here’s a round up of my current favs.