The Must-Have Mules

Every now and then a special style of shoe comes along, one that women adore and men turn their noses up at.  You’ve probably, at some point in your life, already owned a pair of mule style shoes, but they are back with a big bang, and no, your other half will not share your enthusiasm!

Mules are great swap for our beloved summer sandals, or trusty havaianas that most of us live in throughout the summer months. They will take you from work to play without needing a second pair of shoes to help get you home and come in a range of heel heights, we’re talking flat as a pancake to mid-way wedge or sky-scrapper heights.  Ok, so you may need a fall-back pair of flats if you’re going up in the atmosphere, but with most mules sporting a chunky block heel, you should also get a certain amount of comfort from this piece of fancy footwear.

See how the style set are already mooching around in their mules.

(All images via Pinterest)

Not only are these the coolest of shoes to own right now, but looking forward to AW16 (sorry I know we’ve not even hit June yet), they will still be the fashions favourite footwear choice.  So purchase wisely now and you’ll have a pair of shoes that will ensure you’re looking hot to trot way before everyone else catches on next season….Top tip, anything that has a bow or side bow/knot detail will be mega!

Have a look at some of my hot picks below, I think you’ll find that Mules are a great choice whether you’re looking for something to compliment that special occasion outfit or a quick slip-on to team with your weekend casuals.  As always I’d love to hear from you and see pics if you’re inspired to make a splurge.



Summer White Out

Have you been reading the papers or seen the news?  Apparently we are on the cusp of a wonderfully hot heatwave in the UK, it’ll probably last a week and that’ll be the summer over in a flash, but if there is ever a time when it’s right to wear white it’s during the summer time when it’s hot, hot, hot!

I know, I know – White!  It’s a tough colour (or non-colour) to wear if you have kids, take public transport or just live a normal everyday life, but it’s also incredible stylish, chic and as we all learnt at school, it reflects the light and heat so effectively an all white outfit should keep us cooler than fashions other favourite ‘colour’, black.

Just take a look at the below all white outfit inspo – everything from street wear to beachwear and lots more in-between.

(All images via Pinterest)

It’s so hard to write this without any of the cheesy white gags, but are you now feeling that everything could be ‘all white’…..Sorry!

It’s not a look that should be saved exclusively for your wedding day, but if you’re a wedding guest steer well clear, unless otherwise directed by the bride.

So have I got you thinking this is a look you fancy trying whether you’re home, or away on hols when it’s often much easier to do with a little bit of sun kissed skin, then take a look at the below and feel free to get in touch with your all white outfits I would love to see them.

The Kate Effect

Those of you who know me well know of my obsession with Kate Moss.  For me she is the ultimate style icon and this was clearly apparent on the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival this week.  It’s the first time she’s been back on the red carpet in Cannes since 2011 and Mossy was rocking the most incredible vintage Halston Heritage, one shoulder red dress.

What I love about Kate’s style is that her look is incredibly easy to achieve, even on a high street budget.  Of course she has unlimited access to virtually any and every fashion brand in the world but her look is most definitely her own -effortlessly cool, laid back and probably one of the most sort after and loving imitated styles.

(Images via Popsugar, Vanity Fair and Eonline!)

So feeling inspired by Kate’s wonderful one shoulder number I’ve been scouring the high street and online stores to bring you some options if you want to try the one shoulder look too.  It’s a great alternative if you struggle to do the full off-shoulder tops and dresses, which is of course the ‘look du jour’.  Maybe you have bigger boobs or just don’t feel comfortable in a strapless bra, well this is a great alternative whether you want high octane glamour or cool casual day wear.

If you want to buy something very similar to what Kate wore in Cannes check out this eye-catching number from BCBG

It’s an incredible ‘get the look’ option, but more than that, it’s a beautiful dress in its own right and is available in red, black or blue.  It’s super simple, which I LOVE, and it means there is lots of opportunity to add your own spin on the dress with fab accessories and footwear.

And here’s my best of the rest whatever the occasion you’re dressing for.


Beachwear Essentials

Which way is the beach?  I don’t know but I hope I get there soon.  It’s that time of year when we all start to think about the warmer weather that a beach holiday offers us whether it’s a full on 2 week break with the family, or a fun filled weekend away with the girls.  And the most important thing to plan after you’ve booked your ‘hols’ is of course your beachwear wardrobe.

Long gone are the days of a plain vest and pair of shorts being chucked on to get you from breakfast to the sun lounger, now your outfit is more likely to consist of sandals, beach bag, kaftan, swimwear, jewellery, sunglasses and a hat…phew that’s a long list, especially if you’re off for 14 whole days of summer sun.

Of course it’s not all about posing around the pool, but if you look good, you’ll feel good and everyone has little anxieties around holiday season as to how they may look lying on a lounger in comparison to everyone else.  You also don’t have to be flashing a lot of flesh to feel sexy, and it certainly doesn’t matter when it comes to topping up that tan – have you seen how many straps the swimsuits and bikinis have nowadays?!

Take a look at some of the inspirational images below and you’ll see how easy it is to chose you best feature to flash.

(All images via Pinterest)

Don’t let your holiday wardrobe stress you out, we all want something new to wear but I bet if you look back through what you bought last summer you’ve got some real gems already waiting to be worn again.  Then all you need to do is update with a few choice accessories, maybe a new cover-up or pair of sandals and before you know it you’ll be itching to get your body on that beach.

So with that in mind here’s a round up of some of my favourite summer suitcase purchases from swimwear to cover-ups, temporary tattoos, jewellery and beach clutches, plus much more.   I like to shop at big high street and online stores like Topshop, H&M and ASOS, but it’s also good to find independent stockists like Dancing Leopard and Beach Cafe where you can find new brands, along with all sorts of bits and pieces other people may not yet have spotted.

Seeing Sequins

OOOh I’m so excited, I’m waiting on the arrival of my Markus Lupfer Lara lips tee, it’s due today…eeek!  I know it’s not anything particularly new, but I’ve been trying to track down this orange sequin version for some time, and I finally found it on Vestiaire Collective.  Also finding it here gave me the chance to purchase at less that half the original retail price.  To me it was a bargain, but my husband still almost had a heart attack at the fact I would spend so much on a t-shirt…men!

Markus Lupfer tees and jumpers are often seen gracing the chests of some very high profile celebs.  His sequin embellished designs are iconic and instantly recognisable, offering a glam yet still understand look.  Of course ML isn’t the only design to use a smattering of sequins to adorn their tees and tops, Tom Ford, Kenzo, Givenchy are of course, all good company  but the prices here quickly sky rocket.

I’m surprised it’s taken the High Street so long to cotton on.  Quite often at Christmas you’ll find the fun novelty sequin jumpers, but if you want to steal this sequin style for summer there are currently lots of options out there, and all at less than half the cost of the designer originals. H&M and River Island are doing a particularly good job, so go check them out, and if my Markus Lupfer tee makes it’s arrival I’ll be posting later on Instagram so you can see it in gorgeous gloriousness!


Feeling a Little Ropey

Sometimes it’s the little details on clothing that really catch your eye and make a more impactful statement than you think possible. Last summer I bought the most simple looking stripe dress from Zara, it was about £20-25, but the thing that elevated it and made it feel much more expensive, and the main focus of the compliments I received, was the rope detail straps.

There is of course something very nautical about rope details on clothing, especially if it’s teamed with stripes, but it can also bring a tribal element when used in jewellery or footwear, and for me a simple rope belt can be the sophisticated finishing touch to any elegant outfit. Just look at the below and variety of looks that can be achieved.

(All images via Pinterest)

The first couple of images in that montage (green and yellow outfits) are from previous Balmain collections.  When Balmain teamed up with H&M last year for one of the hottest high street/designer collabos ever, it was also a look they recreated for us mere fashion mortals.  You can probably still track pieces down on Ebay if you’re prepared to pay the inflated prices.

Another catwalk fav of mine, Isabel Marant, uses rope detailing on footwear, from ankle tie flats to chunky heels, or as a belt to cinch in the waist on a over-sized sleeveless jacket and tunic style dresses – this is my preferred way to wear.  I’m currently lusting over a little ASOS number that mirrors this Marant style so perfectly, but probably not right now with a big old baby bump!

So if you’re looking to give an old dress a new lease of life with cool accessories, or just treat yourself to something new, maybe these high street offerings aren’t as ‘ropey’ are you’d think.

They Call it Mellow Yellow

Yellow may not be the first colour you think of searching for when out shopping, but let’s be honest, it’s more likely to pop out and grab your attention rather than requiring you to hunt it down.  And if you’ve been out and about on the high street over the last couple of weeks you’ll probably have noticed more and more of this vibrant shade peeping through the rails of clothing and shelves of shoes.

We were lucky enough to be treated to some gorgeous sunshine last weekend, granted we’ve returned to rain, but if you want to keep that warm sunny glow about your person yellow is the way to go.

I talk a lot of about key colours, or the colours of the season and am a firm believer in the fact that you can wear whatever you colour you like.  Never think something is off limits just because of skin or hair tone, all that’s needed is to make sure you’re wearing the right shade.  Yellow has a fantastic spectrum with everything from muted mustard, pale pastels and high-vis neons.

(All images via Pinterest)

I like to wear yellow as a block colour on my bottom half, I just bagged myself a pair of the bright yellow wide leg cropped trousers from Zara (I’ve listed them below), then you can team it with anything on your top half – prints, stripes, lace or more block colours.  Try it as a zingy alternative to your usual jeans or black bottoms and I think you’ll be surprised at how well it works. If you’re not feeling brave enough to go full force just yet, you can add a hint with mouth watering accessories whether that’s shoes, bags, hats or jewellery.

Go on, create your own sunshine till that little yellow ball of fun returns to our skies.