Get Your Thrills in Frills

I’m not the girliest of girls, I’d always chose trousers and jeans over a skirt, grey and black over pink and definitely don’t do frills – technically. Right now one of the hottest looks that filtered down from the catwalks and into the high street is ruffles and frills, but not as we know it, I mean you wouldn’t imagine a clean, minimal look could also feature huge ruffles sleeves or frill bottom trousers, but it can and it looks so good!

If you like your fashion with healthy does of feminine flair then this is a look not to be missed.  You’ll find your frills and ruffles on just about every item of clothing this season, we’re not just talking pretty dresses, blouses and knitwear, but jackets, shoes and bags – the whole shebang!

(All images via Pinterest)

Now volume on clothing can add volume to your shape, but worn in the right places, in the right fabrics it can actually enhance rather than hinder, but beware of the placement if you don’t want to double the size of your boobs, belly or bum.

There is so much to chose from on our fabulous high street and it’s worth bearing in mind that some of the big designers have sent ruffles and frills down the SS17 catwalks, so buy now and you’ll still be flirting with your frills next spring.


3 thoughts on “Get Your Thrills in Frills

  1. Oh dear, I regret reading this post. Why? Because as a Caribbean girl, I LOVE ruffles. Your edit is banging, there are just too many things I want. Thank you for linking up with #MumsThatSlay Yvadney @ Style After Nine x

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