Breton’s Best

Stripes, I’m not talking any old stripe but specifically the breton stripe.  I’ve written a couple of stripe focused posts in the past which have been driven by the trend for big, bold stripes in varying colours and sizes, you can read the most recent here Stripe Hype if you want, but for now we’re back to bretons.

Saturday morning I was in the bathroom doing my daily #ootd (outfit of the day) pic, of course in standard weekend wear, my breton stripe top from T by Alexander Wang, that I actually picked up in TK Maxx – love a bargain, and J Brand jeans.  Once posted on Instagram I noticed a few of my Insta lovelies were also rocking out a breton stripe as part of their weekend wardrobe.  It got me thinking how many of us have a lot of love for the breton stripe, whether its a t-shirt, jumper, dress, anything really, and that it’s quite possibly one of the most versatile pieces of clothing we own.

I personaly love that you can clash a breton not just with prints and colours, but mixed in with evening wear instead of your usual day wear.  Worn like this looks ridiculously cool, you really have to own it to pull it off, but if you’re brave enough to embrace it the final look is a beautiful mix. Take a look at the inspo images below showing you day to night and everything in-between.

(All images via Pinterest)

I love my breton with a good dose of camo or animal print, but honestly, anything goes. Breton and blazer, breton and sequins, breton and jeans (blue, black, white), breton and heels, breton and trainers….you see what I mean.  Is there a combo there you’ve yet to try?

So, the question is how do you do yours and is it time to mix things up?  If you’re looking for a new addition to your breton wardrobe (there is always room for one more) then here’s some of my favs.



Hoop Dreams

If there is one way to keep your bag in chic, safe hands it’s definitely with a hoop style handle.  Last year fashionistas were street styling this bag to the max whether it was in mini or maxi form, on that note the mini or micro bag is a massive trend this season with many of them sporting this hoop handle.

It’s easy to see why this type of handle would be so popular with the lustable French fashion house Chloe having just a small part to play.  This bag is effortlessly cool dangling from your wrist but the handle works and looks just as good on larger bags, swinging nonchalantly from your hand…Take a peak.

(All images via Pinterest)

The high street has cottoned on and now you can find clutches, wristlets, totes and more with this high-end looking handle.  If I was going to do this look I would go small and just carry the essentials – lip gloss, keys, phone…Who am I kidding, I’d have to take another bag with me for the kids too, but if I didn’t I would definitely be looking for something like this New Look one.  Here’s some more high street, hoop dream beauties.

Saturday night Style

Last Saturday I had a date in my diary that I’d been looking forward to for ages, brunch with the girls. Now, knowing this afternoon rendez vous would involve lots of mimosas, it was also more than likely to turn from early afternoon date into evening of fun and of course it did, which meant we ended up in a club!  We got asked for I.D, not because we were lucky enough for our age to be in question, but seeing those numbers flash up on the screen did make me think, what am I doing and what am I wearing?!

Obviously Saturday night is a big night out and a big night for getting dressed up, when I was younger it was an important part of the weekend for me, but now my style (and need for sleep) has changed.  Since hitting the 30’s I’m much more confident and brave with my choice of clothing, this was really apparent on Saturday night where we were surrounded by a sea of bandage dresses and sky scrapper heels.  Of course there is nothing wrong with what the other girls were wearing, but me in my denim dungarees, H&M khaki shirt and ankle boots were having much more fun, mainly due to the fact I was actually able to get a proper groove on.  Take a look at some of the below ways to wear your wardrobe for a less obvious but still super stylish Saturday night.

(All images via Pinterest)

It got me thinking how much emphasis we put on going out and getting dressed up, but when you’re younger you dress for different reasons, and people.  I’m married with kids so obviously not trying to attract attention from the opposite sex, although it’s nice to get the odd compliment, so I dress for me and for my girls (I like them to think I look nice) which actually gives me more confidence because I’m relaxed and comfortable in what I’m wearing.  You can’t really be comfortable when you’re constantly pulling your top up and your bottom half down whilst trying to balance on stilts -we’ve all been there and I know I’m much happier and more stylish now I’ve a few more years under my belt.   Looks like some good stuff does come with the extra years then.

On that note, here’s some lovely stuff that I think is perfect for a Saturday night out out when you’re not 18 anymore!


How to get your Kicks

You asked so I’m delivering and on the plus side for me it’s one of my biggest loves, trainers.  Honestly I’m not sure if there is anything better than a pair of box fresh kicks, recently my collection has gone through the roof!  I’m a regular gym goer so trainers have always been a feature in my wardrobe, I have a pair for the gym and a pair (or three) for best.  I probably wear my trainers on a daily basis now, they are my go-to choice of footwear, so much so I’m unsure what I was shoving my trotters into before trainers became so popular.

If you’re still keeping yours to the comfy confines of your workout wardrobe have a look at how the fashionistas style out all manner of trainers, what you will notice is there are some firm favourites among the style set, namely Adidas or Nike and nearly always white….take a peak.

(All images via Pinterest)

Ooooh, just looking at that lovely lot makes we want a new pair, shame I’ve not got a few more feet to stick them all on!

The good thing about having inspo pics is being able to see the great range of outfits these stylish ladies are teaming their fresh kicks with, everything from leather trousers and jeans, to suits, maxi, midi and pleated skirts showing you how versatile a pair of trainers can be.

Lastly, this is such an accessible trend, most of us can get ours hands on the big sporting brands just shopping on our local high street, couple this with our mainstream fashion stores that have some super stylish offerings too and that’s how to get your kicks.

How to do Denim

I do denim all the time and I mean nearly every day. Not that long ago denim was kept to your weekend wardrobe and now it’s almost acceptable as your every day wardrobe, depending on your job, occasion etc – you know what I mean though, and season after season it gets stronger with this spring/summer being no exception.

The blue stuff was a main feature on many of the SS17 catwalks, below you’ll see images from Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, Balmain, Caroline Herrera, Alexander McQueen and many more, but it wasn’t just jeans that shimmed down the runway and if it was they were embellished or embroidered show stoppers, alongside dresses, long jackets, blazers and even suits.

(All images via Pinterest)

Not that long ago I blogged about the River Island spring/summer press day and the incredible denim jackets they had on offer, go back through the posts and have a peak, when these hit down into store be quick because they are definitely reminiscent of the how the catwalks were doing a denim jacket, of course at a fraction of the price.

There is literally a way for everyone to do denim this season, so embrace the blue stuff, go double, even triple or head to toe but buy wisely and you’ll have an item that will go the distance with your wardrobe.  Take a look below at some of my high street favourites.

Secret Shopper

Hello, my name is Josie and I’m a secret shopper!  There, it’s out there, I’ve said it, I just hope the hubs is too busy today to read this post.  To be completely honest we are all secret shoppers at some point, don’t tell me that you haven’t given him the old ‘What?  This old thing?  No I’ve had it ages’ line, some of us more than others (guilty as charged your honor) but I can think of worse things to embellish on.

Do you think it’s in a woman’s nature to not tell the truth about a new purchase?  Even when the boys know we’re off out for shopping purposes, we still come home and struggle to tell the truth!  Maybe it’s because we buy more than we were meant to, or maybe it’s just for an easy life, but it’s not really is it?  Dishing out the same old excuse every time we don a new outfit whilst trying to ovoid full eye contact.

I used to work in Fashion PR and we used to get lots of freebies, plus the sample sales were insane!  We all had friends who worked for different companies and used to do ‘swapsies’, it was the best currency.  I not only kitted out myself but the hubs, best mates, best mates hubs, mum, brother – you name them, if you knew me you probably at some point received something from ‘the cupboard’.  Once I moved jobs and the samples stopped I missed the newness in my wardrobe and the only way of adding to it was via real shopping, that needs paying for with real money….Like I didn’t realise that!

With social media now it’s not so easy to get away with lots of sly purchases, my hubs has me on his Insta notifications and quite often comments on something he believes is a new purchase.  Every now and then he’s wrong but more often than not he’s right and I’ve been secret shopping, again.

(All images via Pinterest)

Wrapping up..again

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s about to get cold again and not just cold but freeeezing!  You’ve probably heard about it on the weather forecast.  Just as we are all getting excited that it’s February, the evenings are starting to get lighter and it’s the month of lust and love, that on it’s own is enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy. the return of Jack Frost about to nip at your nose means we’ll all be wrapping up…again.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting that winter wardrobes have already been packed away, but it’s been milder the last couple of weeks, the need for a heavy coat, scarf, hat and gloves hasn’t been top priority, but typically of the British weather we need to expect the unexpected.

For me the one accessory I can’t leave the house with when it’s cold is a scarf.  When you have curly hair you can’t just chuck a hat on and whip it off so easily, well you can but only if you want to look like you’ve been dragged through a bush backwards, so I’d go for a huge over-sized scarf every time.  Just look at the inspirational ways to wear below.

(All images via Pinterest)

So many chic ways to stay warm, I’m almost wishing the temperature to drop!  Of course the cold blast we’re anticipating will be gone as soon as it arrives, but you definitely don’t want to be left out in the cold.  So, if you didn’t treat yourself to a snuggly new scarf this winter, make the most of the dwindling sales and bag a bargain in time to brave the blizzards.

Here’s a few of my favs.