Arm candy fit for the Beach

With only a few days to go before we head off on hols I’m all last minute panic stations trying to ensure everyone has everything (and more) that they could possibly need.  I shop all year round (don’t tell the hubs) in prep for the holiday season.  The winter sales are my favourite time to nab a holiday bargain or two, but the one item I’m always useless at ensuring we have is a good size beach bag.

This year I’m on top of it and picked up this beauty from one of my favourite local stores, Friends Dress Agency who are just brimming with fabulous pre-loved items.  I bagged this beauty at a fraction of the price it would have been brand new and better still, it’s never been used!

So there’s my little bit of beach bag inspo, but take a look at these beach babes and their awesome arm candy, sure to have you dreaming of distant shores.

(All images via Pinterest)

Whether you’re jet setting or world wide trekking there is a beach bag to suit every style of holiday.  Of course they’re practical, especially when you have kids and a husband who all want to stuff their days’ essentials in your bag, but you can also use it as your carry on if flying and it’s the coolest way to carry your day-to-day essentials when you swap you daily commute to the beach, for the return to the office.

So before it’s finally time for me to jet off I’ve lined up a bevy of beautiful beach bags just for you guys, I’m talking sequins, tassels, pom poms, flamingos, embroidery, wicker, canvas and more!

When the bags are this good you don’t even need a holiday to justify a little purchase.


Loopy for Hoops

I’m a little partial to a piercing, with more than my fair share in both ears and all in different places. But despite the number of silver studs my cartilage is home to, my all time favourite style of earring, since the day my Dad gave me the relectant go ahead to have holes in my ears, is the hoop.

I sometimes think the hoop gets a bad rep.  I recently watched an episode of KUWTK (Keeping Up With The Kardashians – sorry guilty pleasure), when Khloe was talking to Kris about the sizes of the hoops they we’re both wearing, commenting ‘The bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe’!  Charming I’m sure, but choose wisely and they are a great addition to your jewellery box.

Have a look at how the celebs and fashionistas are loopy for hoops.

(All images via Pinterest)

I personally always go for a BIG silver hoop, but we’re off to a wedding this weekend and I’m pushing my jewellery boundary’s, splashing out on a pair of pompom hoops!  They’re not the real Pomme Pomme London  hoops, I was worried they might be a little expensive if I’m not massively keen, so I tracked down some great ‘versions of’ on Etsy  and now I’m eagerly anticipating their arrival.  Of course I’ll post pics on Instagram once I get my grubby little paws on them….eeek!

So, if you’re looking for a piece of jewellery that will take you from beach holiday to Christmas party and every other day of the year, you’d be hard pressed to find anything better than the humble hoop.

Blinded by the White

When it comes buying a shirt the holy grail has to be a clean, crisp and white.  It’s probably one of the most requested items of clothing that I help clients purchase, in fact it was this very conversation with a lovely client on Sunday that inspired today’s post.

There are a few staples that most people like to have in their wardrobe to make up the basis of many outfits; a good pair of jeans, grey marl tee, a decent blazer and a white shirt.  In all honesty I’m still searching for my ‘perfect’ white shirt, there is something very school girl about a cotton shirt for me, but this season the shirt game has been flipped and I can’t wait to get involved.

Prepare to be dazzled with some wonderful white shirt street styling below.

(All images via Pinterest)

Of course there is the No1 when it comes to white shirts, which is the over-sized, but this season we’re seeing hints of summers’ other big trends encroaching on the white shirt, well not really encroaching, more like a fantastic addition; the over-sized sleeve, ruffles, embroidery, knot detailing, some off the shoulder sexiness and more!!

I don’t think our high street could do the white shirt any more justice this season, you will find everything your heart desires when it comes to this style staple. But, if you’re looking for a shirt that will see you through season after season, layered up over a bikini or under a jumper my advice would be to keep things as clean and simple as the colour palette.

LRD – Little Red Dress

Inspired by me bagging a bargain LRD this week, which I’ve linked here Matalan or on my Instagram page, I thought I would bring you a whole host of red hot dresses. It was only a few posts ago I focused on the seasons’ must-have colours and red was a biggie for summer.  Catch up here if you missed it, Seeing Red.

If you don’t ‘do’ colour then red is probably one shade that are especially wary of.  Just yesterday a new client said to me she NEVER wears red, it just doesn’t suit her! But, I honestly believe there is a hue of red to ignite everyone’s love for the colour…so I will be tempting her when we catch up at the weekend.

This is not the first season we’ve been graced with some LRD action, the fash pack have been rocking out the lady in red look for some time now.  Take a peak at how easily they go from city streets to holiday heat, weekend casual or best dressed guest in many different version of the LRD.

(All images via Pinterest)

What’s not to love about the colour of love, especially in dress form, topped off with some summer sun.  If you find colour blocking too much you can mix it up with prints and patterns.  You’ll find Pretty Woman style polka dots, ditsy florals, bold tribals and girly gingham, making this a sure fire way to incorporate your favourite trends with the seasons’ hottest colour.  Not only that but there is an insane variety on styles, cuts and fabrics to suit all shapes, sizes and spondoolies.

As always, I’ve scoured the shops for my a selection of red hot dresses that dreams are made of – whatever and wherever you are.

Happy Feet

If you’re yet to leave the safety of your socks and heavy footwear behind, the clock is ticking!  I’m always itching to free my feet as soon as we get a hint of warmth and sunshine, but this means being prepared to give them a little TLC and being pedi-ready, making the switch to sandals a smooth one.

Gone are the days of your sandals being an after thought of your outfit, something that you just slipped on as you ran out the door – nope, the humble sandal has been elevated and may now even be the basis of the outfit you put together.

This season is definitely the biggest and best so far in the footwear department, you’ll find over-sized bows, twists, textures, pearls, pom poms, prints – I could go on,  but why not take a look below for some fab street styler inspo.

(all images via Pinterest)

Of course not every pair of sandals is all singing and dancing, sometimes simplicity is necessary and can make just as big a statement and don’t think with only one pair of feet you only need one pair of sandals – said no female ever!  When I pack for hols now it’s incredibly rare that I ever take heels, it’s always flats (see multiples and they take up less room in your case) and although I have a high instep and need to be careful with the support around my feet, I live in sandals – day to night, beach to bar, restaurant to club….who am I kidding on the club front when you’re also packing two kids!

So let me now tempt you with an incredible selection of sandals worthy of ditching your socks and dipping your toes into.

Bohemian Babe

Just another manic Monday, actually it’s not and I’m quite liking it.  Apart from the fact I ended up puking all day Easter Sunday, which probably saved me thousands of calories from all the chocolate I planned on scoffing, the bank holiday weekend has been lovely, as have the two weeks of half term actually and I’m a little bit dreading the school run tomorrow.

Any who, you can see from the title we’re going all ‘boho babe’ today, influenced of course by the fact we’ve just been bombarded with Coachella spam (no I’m not hating – who am I kidding) and that I’m off on hols very shortly to my fav place in the world – the White Isle.

My style is fairly clean on a day to day basis, but come summer time I LOVE to release my mind and body into all things boho.  I love the carefree look and feel you get with bohemian styling and now more than ever it’s easy to take this from the beach to the bar, or if you’re not poolside, from day to night and every occasion in-between.  See how the street stylers and insta-fashionistas do it below.

(all images via Pinterest)

Most of us probably have a kaftan lurking in our holiday wardrobe and that’s probably where it’s gets the most use, but you can see above how the style set are making the most of their kaftans and incorporating them into their everyday wardrobe.  Not only that, but they are teaming over the easiest outfit on earth, jeans and a plain tee….et volia, boho chic at it’s finest, taking you from beach to the beat of the streets.

As with any trend there is no need to go top to toe.  This season there are hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of peasant, boho style blouses, from high street to high end.  One in particular that has caught everyone’s eye is this awesome offering from Next  Available in red and blue it screams boho and is reminiscent of the Vita Kin blouse but without the £1000 (yes you are reading that correctly) price tag.

So whether this is a trend you do year after year or something you’ve been longing to try, this season is one of the best for beautiful boho vibes.  Here’s the my best of the rest from our fabulous high street and cyber space…..Peace out peeps.

Swimwear Issue

When I say swimwear issue what do you think of?  Maybe it’s the biggest and most anticipated issue of Sports Illustrated and of course it’s not hard to see why, have you’ve ever taken a peak?  Or are you like me and think the only issue I have with swimwear is finding the perfect piece.

Two babies in and one coming out the sunroof I’m feeling like my bikini days are well and truly behind me and that’s a massive disappointment as I’m a huge sun worshiper and want minimum tan lines when on hols.  With my holiday countdown firmly counting down I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect one piece.

Now that I’ve got my head round wearing a one piece I’m actually feeling a lot of love for the look, it also helps that many a celeb and fashionista are making the one piece their no1 choice when it comes to swimwear.  I don’t have the superstar body but at least I can have the superstar swimwear style, take a look at some of the fab ways to wear below.

(All images via Pinterest)

If you’ve got it flaunt, no?  Normally you might have thought flaunting it would be by wearing an itsy bitsy teeny weeny, yeah one of those polka dot bikinis, but you can make the most of your best assets in a one piece too.  A swimsuit can enhance your overall shape where in a bikini there is no where to hide!  If you have a gorgeous back go super low, if you give good side boob show it off.  Equally if you need a little support in the tummy department or with the girls up top, you can get all that from the wonderful one piece.

Maybe less really is more when it comes to swimwear?  Plus if you have kids or are more active than me, who is sloth like on the sunbed, then you may benefit in more ways than one.

As with anything seasonal grab them before they’re gone, because by the time the sales roll around I guarantee the size you want will be sold out.  Here are a few of my high street favs.