Bohemian Babe

Just another manic Monday, actually it’s not and I’m quite liking it.  Apart from the fact I ended up puking all day Easter Sunday, which probably saved me thousands of calories from all the chocolate I planned on scoffing, the bank holiday weekend has been lovely, as have the two weeks of half term actually and I’m a little bit dreading the school run tomorrow.

Any who, you can see from the title we’re going all ‘boho babe’ today, influenced of course by the fact we’ve just been bombarded with Coachella spam (no I’m not hating – who am I kidding) and that I’m off on hols very shortly to my fav place in the world – the White Isle.

My style is fairly clean on a day to day basis, but come summer time I LOVE to release my mind and body into all things boho.  I love the carefree look and feel you get with bohemian styling and now more than ever it’s easy to take this from the beach to the bar, or if you’re not poolside, from day to night and every occasion in-between.  See how the street stylers and insta-fashionistas do it below.

(all images via Pinterest)

Most of us probably have a kaftan lurking in our holiday wardrobe and that’s probably where it’s gets the most use, but you can see above how the style set are making the most of their kaftans and incorporating them into their everyday wardrobe.  Not only that, but they are teaming over the easiest outfit on earth, jeans and a plain tee….et volia, boho chic at it’s finest, taking you from beach to the beat of the streets.

As with any trend there is no need to go top to toe.  This season there are hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of peasant, boho style blouses, from high street to high end.  One in particular that has caught everyone’s eye is this awesome offering from Next  Available in red and blue it screams boho and is reminiscent of the Vita Kin blouse but without the £1000 (yes you are reading that correctly) price tag.

So whether this is a trend you do year after year or something you’ve been longing to try, this season is one of the best for beautiful boho vibes.  Here’s the my best of the rest from our fabulous high street and cyber space…..Peace out peeps.


All Tied Up

So pay day has been and gone, did you go and have a spend up?  Now is actually quite a good time to do a bit of shopping as there are loads of mid-season sales on, and that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up some big bargains with bags of style.

For some time now the fash pack have been getting all tied up with knot details and you may have already spotted some tie front waist details on tops and dresses, originally I wasn’t hugely keen, but the more the high street has got a grip of this trend the more it’s drawn me in.  It’s now not so much about looking like you have a jumper tied around your waist (as flattering or cool as that can actually be) it’s about all the other ways to get tied up in this trend.  Take a peak at some street style inspo below.

(All images via Pinterest)

With street style pics more than likely showcasing the most obvious way of wearing a trend, remember that the point of ‘inspo’ is of course to take inspiration.  Try not to look at something and think that wouldn’t work for me because…. Instead look for elements that you can pick out and carefully introduce into your everyday wardrobe.

Many of us worry about adding bulk to our frames with extra detailing or fabrics, but this is honestly a great way to help not hinder.  Worn in the right places these knot and tie details can give you a waist if you don’t have one, or enhance that hour-glass shape further.  If it’s just too much for you on clothing there are some unreal footwear and accessory options that have this look all tied up.

Hopefully my super high street selection will show you there are a variety of ways to wear and knot (geddit) have you in a tizz over this trend.

Girls Weekend

It’s Friday and I’m allowed out on good behaviour for my fabulous friend’s Hen weekend, believe me when I type ‘I CAN’T WAIT’!

You may have seen on Instagram earlier this week (come find me if you haven’t already @notjustadress) a selection of outfits I was planning for said occasion, so I thought it only fitting that the final post this week be a homage to girls weekend fashion.

It’s always tough planning what to pack for any time away, but when you’re only going for a weekend it’s extremely easy to over-pack when you should be saving space in that holdall for shopping splurges and sneaky bottles of sauvignon.

This weekend we will be cocktail making, beauty treatment-ing, dancing and drinking…..not to mention sleeping and eating in my case as these are things I don’t get to do a lot at home!  If you don’t have a girls weekend planned maybe the below will make you think that you and your besties are deserving of one.

(All images via Pinterest)

No matter what your girls weekend involves; cinema trips, boot camp work outs, shopping or just lounging there are a few key pieces you definitely need in your bag.  The key to packing clever is to make sure your clothing and accessories work in multiple outfit options.  How often have you packed an outfit, got to where you’re going, put it on and hated it for no reason? Then been miserable for the rest of the time because you wish you’d packed X,Y, Z?

What are these key items then I hear you ask?  I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite high street pieces below, but for me it would always be skinny jeans and leather trousers, a killer dress, Stan Smiths and a pair of heels (ok, maybe two), a plain tee and a beautiful blouse, a cute clutch and statement pair of earrings, a leather jacket and a blazer, hoodie or sweatshirt, of course pyjamas and don’t forget to chuck in enough underwear options.  With just a handful of items you can mix and match your way through a weekend of fun and frolics with your female favs.  Now I think I can hear the Prosecco calling, enjoy your weekend lovelies!!

Shoes speak louder than Words

I’m a little bit partial to a lot of faux fur, feathers and other fluffy stuff and if the weather


didn’t dictate what footwear we had to wear I would live in sliders – every day!  For me, they are most comfortable (and not bad looking) bit of rubber you could slide on your tootsies, but when I first laid eyes on my favourite footwear covered in my favourite materials I wasn’t convinced.

Last year we started to see the first furry slidders appear, I have a friend Tanyel from Essex Beauty Patrol who makes them and has been for ages, check her out, but I also found them on the shelves in River Island and of course Rhianna produced a collection with Puma, which you’ll struggle to find anywhere but Ebay now.

Want to see how the style set are wearing their furry footwear?  Have a look below.

(All images via Pinterest)

Like me, could you be converted or is it a fashion step too far? I mean there is a lot to love, but a lot to question marks too and you know this is one look the boys will absolutely hate!

Wherever the catwalks and celebs go our humble high street soon follows, so as you’d expect there is now a huge selection currently available at all your favourite high street stores, of which I’ve scoured and brought you the best.  BTW the pink Topshop ones below scream Givenchy if you like you high street with a healthy does of high end style.

How to get your Kicks

You asked so I’m delivering and on the plus side for me it’s one of my biggest loves, trainers.  Honestly I’m not sure if there is anything better than a pair of box fresh kicks, recently my collection has gone through the roof!  I’m a regular gym goer so trainers have always been a feature in my wardrobe, I have a pair for the gym and a pair (or three) for best.  I probably wear my trainers on a daily basis now, they are my go-to choice of footwear, so much so I’m unsure what I was shoving my trotters into before trainers became so popular.

If you’re still keeping yours to the comfy confines of your workout wardrobe have a look at how the fashionistas style out all manner of trainers, what you will notice is there are some firm favourites among the style set, namely Adidas or Nike and nearly always white….take a peak.

(All images via Pinterest)

Ooooh, just looking at that lovely lot makes we want a new pair, shame I’ve not got a few more feet to stick them all on!

The good thing about having inspo pics is being able to see the great range of outfits these stylish ladies are teaming their fresh kicks with, everything from leather trousers and jeans, to suits, maxi, midi and pleated skirts showing you how versatile a pair of trainers can be.

Lastly, this is such an accessible trend, most of us can get ours hands on the big sporting brands just shopping on our local high street, couple this with our mainstream fashion stores that have some super stylish offerings too and that’s how to get your kicks.

Sock it to ’em

Socks! Not the most exciting item of fashion, well not in my mind and I don’t mind telling you that my sock draw is absolutely terrible!  The last time I had new pair of socks was courtesy my friend (thank you Annabelle) on the Accessories Buying Team.  That was in my last role before I had my first baby!  That’s, ahem, three and a half years ago!

Whilst at soft play this week I was trying to take an arty pic #FWIS  (From Where I Stand if you don’t do hashtags) with the kids at my feet. Instead I captured a glimpse of how utterly disgusting my socks are, a complete and utter embarrassment.  I’m talking faded, threadbare, holey heels and to top it off, the colour and patterns are unmentionable, or they had faded so much I just couldn’t make them out anymore.

Socks are having a moment.  It’s super cool to wear socks and sandals, not that awful look Dad’s sometimes rock on holiday but heeled sandals, or ankle boots, or trainers – basically anything goes.  At this time of year when it’s still slightly too cold for your ankles to be swinging about, a little sock goes a long way.

Take a look below at how the style set sock it out.

(All images via Pinterest)

Are you surprised at the selection?  Wool, cotton, print, plain, sheer, lace, knee high! The options are endless and it’s one of the cheapest, easiest cheats to looking super chic.

Fancy giving it a go or just tired of having cold ankles?  You can sock it to ’em in any of these super socks from our fabulous high street.

Stripe Hype

So the sales are coming to an end and the shops are filling up with exciting newness, although the sale rail for me is always most exciting when it nears the end of it’s life, it’s where I always manage to hunt out some super bargains.

The new collections floating around are transitional pieces, you know those items that help us get though the weird in-between bit before the new season trends really arrive. So with that in mind we’re all starting to think about what will be hot for spring/summer.

I love looking at the new trends but when I shop I really want to wear my new purchases ASAP, so finding buy now wear now items that will also see me through the seasons’ next big trends is important, and cost effective.

One SS17 trend seen across the catwalks was stripes, I’m not just talking lovely nautical, Breton style stripes, nope, big, bold and even a bit Beetle Juice!

(All images via Pinterest)

I know lots of people avoid stripes for fear of looking larger, but a stripe worn vertically will actually enhance as it elongates.  Of course all the inspo images are of models but take another look at how flattering a vertical stripe is.

What I love about the stripes this spring summer is how they are also incorporating other trends, prints and styles. You’ll find a stripes with camo or animal prints flowing through, stripes with a boho vibe and of course the smart stripe that is perfect for work.

Finally if you’re quick and make the most of the sale rail you can nab yourself a bargain before the full price stripes hit the shelves. Take a peak below at some of the super stripeiness available on our high street now and coming soon.