Going for Gold

When it comes to a little bit of bling I’m top to toe (or ear to ankle) in silver, but there is something about sun kissed skin that just cries out for a drenching in gold.

People tend to sit in one camp or the other when it comes to a favourite metallic hue, that might be because of the watch you wear or the colour of your wedding rings, but it’s always good to switch things up a little, hell even mixing our metals.

Here’s some gold star worthy street styling, courtesy of the style set.

(All images via Pinterest)

The choice is yours, multi layered, big and bold or simple and sleek there are lots of ways to go for gold this summer, so will you be budgeting for a big money splurge or a wallet friendly injection of fast fashion?  Whatever your selection here are a few of my favs to bag you gold medal status in the style stakes.


Loopy for Hoops

I’m a little partial to a piercing, with more than my fair share in both ears and all in different places. But despite the number of silver studs my cartilage is home to, my all time favourite style of earring, since the day my Dad gave me the relectant go ahead to have holes in my ears, is the hoop.

I sometimes think the hoop gets a bad rep.  I recently watched an episode of KUWTK (Keeping Up With The Kardashians – sorry guilty pleasure), when Khloe was talking to Kris about the sizes of the hoops they we’re both wearing, commenting ‘The bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe’!  Charming I’m sure, but choose wisely and they are a great addition to your jewellery box.

Have a look at how the celebs and fashionistas are loopy for hoops.

(All images via Pinterest)

I personally always go for a BIG silver hoop, but we’re off to a wedding this weekend and I’m pushing my jewellery boundary’s, splashing out on a pair of pompom hoops!  They’re not the real Pomme Pomme London  hoops, I was worried they might be a little expensive if I’m not massively keen, so I tracked down some great ‘versions of’ on Etsy  and now I’m eagerly anticipating their arrival.  Of course I’ll post pics on Instagram once I get my grubby little paws on them….eeek!

So, if you’re looking for a piece of jewellery that will take you from beach holiday to Christmas party and every other day of the year, you’d be hard pressed to find anything better than the humble hoop.

Girls Weekend

It’s Friday and I’m allowed out on good behaviour for my fabulous friend’s Hen weekend, believe me when I type ‘I CAN’T WAIT’!

You may have seen on Instagram earlier this week (come find me if you haven’t already @notjustadress) a selection of outfits I was planning for said occasion, so I thought it only fitting that the final post this week be a homage to girls weekend fashion.

It’s always tough planning what to pack for any time away, but when you’re only going for a weekend it’s extremely easy to over-pack when you should be saving space in that holdall for shopping splurges and sneaky bottles of sauvignon.

This weekend we will be cocktail making, beauty treatment-ing, dancing and drinking…..not to mention sleeping and eating in my case as these are things I don’t get to do a lot at home!  If you don’t have a girls weekend planned maybe the below will make you think that you and your besties are deserving of one.

(All images via Pinterest)

No matter what your girls weekend involves; cinema trips, boot camp work outs, shopping or just lounging there are a few key pieces you definitely need in your bag.  The key to packing clever is to make sure your clothing and accessories work in multiple outfit options.  How often have you packed an outfit, got to where you’re going, put it on and hated it for no reason? Then been miserable for the rest of the time because you wish you’d packed X,Y, Z?

What are these key items then I hear you ask?  I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite high street pieces below, but for me it would always be skinny jeans and leather trousers, a killer dress, Stan Smiths and a pair of heels (ok, maybe two), a plain tee and a beautiful blouse, a cute clutch and statement pair of earrings, a leather jacket and a blazer, hoodie or sweatshirt, of course pyjamas and don’t forget to chuck in enough underwear options.  With just a handful of items you can mix and match your way through a weekend of fun and frolics with your female favs.  Now I think I can hear the Prosecco calling, enjoy your weekend lovelies!!

Holiday Haul

September is the month I’ve been desperately waiting for as I’m off on holiday, well actually three of them – yes I’m very greedy.  Whilst I spent the summer lusting over everyone else’s breaks on Instagram, I’ve also been slowly gathering my key holiday items, some of them have of course already made an appearance but everything needs a little trial run doesn’t it?

I’ll be visiting France, Ibiza and St Lucia, they’re all very different trips so when I’m shopping for holiday I try to buy pieces that’ll work on any and every occasion, even into the colder months when the tan and the memories are fading (that bit is mainly for my husbands benefit). I don’t know anyone who doesn’t struggle with packing, regardless of weight allowances and bag sizes, so here’s what key for me and why, and how I’ll be getting the most out of them through the rest of the year.

First up, swimwear.  Two kids in and one c-section scar I think my bikini days are numbered, so for me finding the right one piece was huge.  I’ve tried on countless options, from Primark to Mara Hoffman, but I finally found the right balance between poolside glam and practical mum (if there is such a thing) at Boden.  Yes it’s a rip off of the high end Marysia style swimwear, but it’s a great fit, has a sexy low back but great support up front, so this one piece will take me from beach club to local pool.

Teamed with that are my faded black denim cut offs from J Brand, these just get better with every wash and are probably the center piece to any holiday wardrobe.

On to the LBD, I found this James Perse number in TK Maxx and it’s perfect for a number of occasions.  I’ll be wearing over swimwear, but you could glam it up with heels and copious amounts of jewels for a evening out whether that’s dinner or dancing.

And of course I need a hat to hide my Monica style frizz whenever I’m somewhere hot.  I love a classic style trilby which looks as stylish on a city break as it does beach-side.  Just remember to wear it or carry in your hand luggage as it’s great for hiding under after a long flight, and you’ll save it from the dreaded suitcase squash!!



Some of you may have seen both the next items on my Instgram, if not come follow me @notjustadress. I just bought these Balenciaga sandals on a recent trip to Bicester, they will be perfect whether I’m doing daytime casual in denim cut offs or a floor sweeping maxi, definitely earning their cost per wear.

The bag is Antik Batik and it was love at first sight.  This little bag is actually quite large and can be used as a clutch, but also has a long rope, over the shoulder strap so is extremely versatile.  I’ll be using night and day.

The cream lace number is a floor length cover up from Surf Gypsy and goes nicely over my swimsuit. The two little tops are from Topshop and Primark and just had that Isabel Marant vibe that I love. I’ll get use out of these later in the year with jeans and an over-sized blazer.  Finally my Dodo Bar Or shirt, which I searched high and low for and end up buying from a boutique called Ruesrq via Shoptiques in America, check them out.  I actually can’t wait to wear this with leather trousers in the winter.

There we have it, I’m sure I’ll be posting lots of OOTDs throughout each break so have  look out for my favourite pieces you see here, and hopefully I might inspire or give you ideas for the next time you’re having fun in the sun.

Vavoom in Velvet

September has made finally made an appearance and didn’t that just creep up on us? Whilst we’ve been lucky enough to still experience some rays of summer sun, fashion is most definitely feeling the autumn season.

When I blog I normally write about trends and styles I’m particularly fond of, but as I’m extremely fond of you lot I think it’s only fair to give you a well rounded view of all things planet fashion. With that in mind today’s post is about sumptuous velvet.  I’ve never been hugely keen on velvet, but it’s a massive trend for autumn/winter that’s already widely available on the high street, and it can encompass a lot of the other trends you’ll be seeing throughout the season, so here we go.

I find velvet very 90’s and I just can’t go there again right now, but it is a trend that’s really key for the season and it’s easy to put together a grunge velvet dress, over a t-shirt and team it with DMs, but it’s also actually rather modern and sophisticated, think wide leg, high waist trousers, blazers and beautiful heels.  Have a look at some of the inspo below.


(All images via Pinterest)

Hopefully you can see from the above how easy it can be to work this luxurious fabric into your every day wardrobe with bomber jackets, blazers and cami style midi dresses, but it’s also a great addition for those special occasion outfits, maybe a you’re a guest at a winter wedding or even thinking about party dresses for the festive season?!

If you don’t like the idea of committing to a trend fully it’s always easy to give a little nod with great accessories whether that’s jewellery, shoes or a bag.  Take a peak below at what our fabulous high street already has to offer.  Happy browsing and bring on the weekend.

Lust List

At any given time if someone was to ask me if I’ve seen anything ‘nice’ whilst out shopping the answer is always a big, fat YES!  I know that might sound materialistic but I just can’t help myself and can spot ‘pretty things’ at 50 paces that I believe will make my wardrobe complete.  If something is out of stock or unavailable it just makes me want it even more – do you know that feeling?

So today’s blog post is me sharing my current lustings and these could be anything from clothes, shoes or bags to cosmetics, skincare or gym kit – so here we go.

Ok, so in my current 38 weeks pregnant physical condition  I would not really get away with rocking any of these beautiful pieces from Mara Hoffman, but with a little September Ibiza escape on the horizon I’m hoping that I’ll be feeling confident enough to get back in a bikini, and if I’m not I’ll be draping myself in one of these stunning beaded kaftans.


You guys know from previous posts what a magpie I am, so of course there are a few sparkly things thrown in the mix.  This clutch from ASOS looks so much more expensive than it’s £25 price tag, plus it’ll look great with a bikini on the beach or teamed with a super sophisticated dress…need, need, need!

I love a pair of sunnies, they hide a multitude of sins and just generally make you feel like a rock star.  I don’t currently own a pair of rose gold coloured lenses, but maybe I will soon and hopefully they’ll look something like this pair from Dior

I never wear matching earrings, not because I think it’s cool but because I’m forever losing them, or the butterflies. But now it is cool to mix and match your earrings and these single studs from Astley Clarke are right up my street.  I would be teaming them with this stunning large horn necklace from Missoma which would never leave my neck.


I’ve been desperate to squeeze my baby bump into a pair of side stripe trousers, I love the real casual vibe of this pair from ASOS, but would equally be able to dress them up with a pair of heels, possibly this ankle tie pair from Topshop which at just £29 have to make it to my shoe cupboard very soon,  They’re a great heel height and I can totally imagine them with a full on double denim outfit.

Now who doesn’t love a little off the shoulder action? This dress from M&S is pure understated sexiness, I can see it on balmy holiday evenings out with flat sandals, but how gorgeous would you feel teaming it with sky scrapper heels as a special occasion outfit…One not to be missed.

Lastly, everything is always better when you put a little bronzer on it and this Nars bronzing powder in Laguna has cult classic status.  If you’ve never tried do not delay any further.

And there you have it, my current Lust List, I’d love to hear what’s on yours.  If any of the above make it into my grubby paws soon I’ll be posting pics on Instagram so come find me over there on @notjustadress


Pilgrim Jewellery

I’m a bit of a jewellery nut, which I think is putting it nicely and I’m OK with. My husband thinks I’m a kleptomaniac or magpie, attracted to anything shiny which is also fair, but to me it’s incredible what  good jewellery can do for your outfit and the confidence it gives in feeling like your outfit is complete.

Some of you might know I’m a guest presenter at QVC and I get to meet some wonderful people from some fantastic brands.  The other week I met Helen from Pilgrim Jewellery – she is awesome!  You know when you meet someone and feel like you already know them, that’s how I felt with Helen.  I’d heard of Pilgrim, you can find their jewellery in big high street department stores like Debenhams and House of Fraser to name two, at online shopping giant ASOS and at a whole host of cool independents, but I didn’t realise that the brands roots were of the supercool scandi kind.

Helen talked me through a bit more about the brand and when she showed me the pieces, and encouraged me to wear something for the QVC show we were on together, I was hooked!

Set up 30 years ago Pilgrim is still a family run business with a conscience and heart. They provide funds to various charities, projects and trusts where possible and all their jewellery is hand-made, which means you’re getting authentic, true pieces that hold on to the designers original influences and in doing so, create beautiful jewellery.  I also think the prices are spot on and easy on the bank balance, especially bearing in mind you’re getting something handmade.  What more could you ask for?



Scandi style is most definitely at the forefront of fashion.  Stockholm Fashion Week is hotly attended by fashion elite from all over the world who want to catch a glimpse of the up and coming brands, well known big hitters and of course the elite street stylers, bloggers and Insta fashionistas.

Pilgrim manages to mix this Scandi cool, minimalist style with a free-spirited, boho edge, for me the mix couldn’t be more perfect. This means you have items of jewellery that will compliment your everyday jeans and tee combo, to festival and holiday essentials that’ll look great worn on the beach or adorning your wrists as your through your arms up to the beat at the main stage.

I bagged myself this coin detail bracelet and it won’t leave my arm whilst I’m in Ibiza, it’ll come from beach to bar and probably bed it’s that comfortable to wear, but there is much more to the collection including eye catching rings, crystal pendents, quirky earrings and the watches, these are so on trend right now.  Big, oversized, minimal faces teamed with a sleek strap make these the perfect accompaniment for layers and layers of bracelets this summer, or keep it pure and clean and let the watch speak for itself.


Here are my favourites from the Summer collection, I’ve had a peak at the AW16 collection too and though I’m not wishing the summer away we’re in for a serious treat.

Want to see more check out http://www.pilgrim.dk/   and let me know what you think.