How to get your Kicks

You asked so I’m delivering and on the plus side for me it’s one of my biggest loves, trainers.  Honestly I’m not sure if there is anything better than a pair of box fresh kicks, recently my collection has gone through the roof!  I’m a regular gym goer so trainers have always been a feature in my wardrobe, I have a pair for the gym and a pair (or three) for best.  I probably wear my trainers on a daily basis now, they are my go-to choice of footwear, so much so I’m unsure what I was shoving my trotters into before trainers became so popular.

If you’re still keeping yours to the comfy confines of your workout wardrobe have a look at how the fashionistas style out all manner of trainers, what you will notice is there are some firm favourites among the style set, namely Adidas or Nike and nearly always white….take a peak.

(All images via Pinterest)

Ooooh, just looking at that lovely lot makes we want a new pair, shame I’ve not got a few more feet to stick them all on!

The good thing about having inspo pics is being able to see the great range of outfits these stylish ladies are teaming their fresh kicks with, everything from leather trousers and jeans, to suits, maxi, midi and pleated skirts showing you how versatile a pair of trainers can be.

Lastly, this is such an accessible trend, most of us can get ours hands on the big sporting brands just shopping on our local high street, couple this with our mainstream fashion stores that have some super stylish offerings too and that’s how to get your kicks.

Gym Kit at the Ready

Happy New Year peps, or are you already over it?  Have you made resolutions and is one of them to be a happier, healthier you?  If you have then that resolution will probably incorporate some sort of exercise whether that’s making more of your gym membership, pounding the pavements or getting some zen in the yoga studio.  Whatever way you plan on keeping this resolution in check it may mean some new gym kit is needed, and January is the best time to update this bit of your wardrobe.

I love working out and luckily always have.  I used to be an aerobics and spin instructor so feel confident in the gym or in a class, but I know this isn’t the case for everyone and I can honestly say having a good bit of gym kit on will actually give you a boost.  It also makes it easier to look at your body as you workout and check your form and alignment – making sure you stay injury free.

Workout wear has come a long way and not just in the fabric department, I’m talking prints and colour clashes galore.  Take a look at the inspo images below, some of them may be a step too far out the comfort zone but it’s surprising how flattering this mish-mash of styles can be.

Ready and raring to go?  As I said, January is a great time to update your gym kit whether you’re a seasoned or aspiring gym bunny.  The sales are in full swing so make the most of them and buy some of the more expensive pieces like trainers, which will be one of the most important items you buy, along with a well fitting sports bra, and neither are cheap.

Here are some of my favourite sporty buys, sale and full price, a few of them could easily be seen in your everyday wardrobe too giving you extra added value.

Good luck with those resolutions.