Feeling Folksy

HELLO!  I’m back, I had a week off, those of you who follow me on Instagram (@notjustadress) will know I went to France, which was lovely and relaxing but now I’m back and feeling refreshed – let’s hope the feeling lasts!

Today I’m looking at all things fashion that are folk inspired. You may or may not know that this folksy vibe has bubbling under the fashion surface for a few seasons now, mainly due to the high end Ukrainian designer Vita Kin. The brand has captured the eye of the fashion elite, Anna Dello Russo can often be spotted in their beautiful dresses, but I’m not joking when I say you need very deep pockets to buy the real thing – we’re talking blouses starting at £900.

(All images via Pinterest)

Luckily this trend has started to filter down to the high street and couldn’t be more perfect for the summer festival season ahead.  It’s slightly different from you usual boho look with big bold embroidery and over sized tassel detailing, but if it is a little OTT for you there are plenty of other ways to inject that folksy feeling into your wardrobe – take a look below.

So with all that inspo in mind let’s look to the mid level and high street brands to see what they have to offer, other than being much friendly on your wallet there are some incredible lookie-likies out there thanks to Free People, Wonder & Weaver and even H&M.

So if this gets you feeling all folksy let me know, I’d love to see your looks or purchases.



You Deserve a Trophy.

Phew…what a week!  I know it’s only a short one but it feels like it’s taken forever to get to this point, hence my lack of posts this week.  Never the less I’ve made it, fueled by all the ‘Easter’ chocolate we have hanging around the house that is never going to see the light on Sunday.

I don’t know about you but I’m all about an easy wardrobe.  I love the ‘oh this old thing’ look, which can actually take a lot of time to perfect, but once you’ve got it your wardrobe will be full of easy to wear basics that work with everything.  That said as much as I am a jeans and tee girl through and through sometimes you just need something else to elevate your look to the next level.  Clever accessorising, a change of footwear or my ultimate – the trophy jacket.

If you don’t have one trust me you need one, I’ve got more than I should admit to and they all get their fair share of wear.  My love affair began a long time ago with a fantastic specimen from the Kate Moss at Topshop collection, the right amount of beading to give that boho Kate vibe but in silky fabric that gave it endless outfit opportunities.  Just take a look at the inspo images below, this piece can go with everything from denim cut offs to your LBD on a night out.

(All images via Pinterest)

One of my favourite places to hunt out a beaded or embroidered beauty is in H&M, I have found a couple of little gems in here all at great prices.  Obviously if you go for something beaded it’s likely to cost a lot of than it’s embroidered sister, and if you have kids or maybe you’re just a little bit reckless with your clothes sometimes, you could end up losing the beads so have a think about what’s most cost effective, but at the prices most of these are below how can you resist?  Go on, treat yourself to a trophy.


Getting Shirty

It’s funny where blogging inspo comes from.  Friday’s post is thanks to one of my best friends who asked if I’d seen any lovely shirt dresses recently, and it got me thinking about what a versatile little piece the shirt dress really is.

At this time of year we start to get hints that warm weather is on it’s way and we’re desperate to shed those layers and embrace something more spring like, but the moment you do the winds will pick up and the rain will reappear, making you and everybody you see wonder if you caught the weather forecast that morning.  So is a cleverly style shirt dress the key to transitional dressing?

If you buy wisely it’ll be an item of clothing that will see you through pretty much all seasons. In the winter you can layer up with thermals and a chunky knit, but it will also be the perfect bikini cover up and teamed with denim cut-offs will take you straight from beach to bar.

And if you’re not a slave to fashion THE shirt dress can easily be on trend without you realising, maybe because it’s stripy or has a bold floral print, it has a 50’s cut or is completely androgynous.  Not only that but you  team with trainers, sandals, boots, heels – I don’t really need to go on, I know you get the picture.

(All inspo images via Pinterest)

You may already have a shirt dress lurking in the depths of your wardrobe, if you do some clever styling can bring it bang up to date, we’re talking buttons undone, changing the belt and adding further accessories. If you don’t have one no need to get shirty (sorry) and feel like you’re missing out, here’s my high street hottest.


Pretty Little Peasent

Hello my name is Josie and I’m addicted to buying boho blouses! Well I’m just addicted to buying clothes in general, but at the moment I seem to be accumulating a substantial collection of these little boho beauties.

I don’t know whether it’s because I’m pregnant and can still wear a size 10 in these voluminous tops, or if it’s just this style of dressing conjures up images of me (post bubs) in my denim cut-offs in some far flung destination, well maybe just Ibiza sipping cocktails at sunset, that has me reaching for my wallet every time my little eye spies a tassel and embroidery detail.

Whatever the reason for my latest lusting there is a great selection on the high street with the summer stock trickling in, so if you are looking for a suitcase essential that you can also rock right now with your everyday denim look no further.

Queen of laid-back catwalk cool, Isabel Marant, always always pulls this look off so spectacularly, but of course in a Parisian understated way and her SS16 offerings were no exception.  You’ll see some inspo from her catwalk show below and you can see how easy it is to take this bikini beach cover-up to high fashion, everyday essential.

(All images via Pinterest)

Feeling the love and the free spirit of this beautiful little boho blouse? Here are my high street favourites….Peace!

Fun, Flirty and Floaty – The Frock You Need, Now!

Hello March, we’ve been expecting you.  We weren’t however expecting these gale force winds and torrential downpours, at least the beautiful daffodils popping up give a true feeling that Spring is finally on the way.

I don’t know about you but I’m also desperate for a bit of newness in my wardrobe too. Don’t get me wrong, I pretty much live in my jeans and love them dearly, especially at the moment whilst I’m harvesting another human being, but nothing says Spring/Summer wardrobe like a floaty, floral frock.

Believe it or not this style of dress is actually a key transitional wardrobe item.  It’s perfect to layer up right now, I’m talking tights, over the knee boots, chunky knits or a polo, finished off with a shearling jacket – yep serious layers, see below inspo.

(All images via Pinterest)

But as soon as the grey clouds disappear and sun starts to warm your bones this dress can be worn with beautiful sandals or fashions’ current footwear fav, the white trainer.  And it will of course be one of the first things you pack in your holiday suitcase.

With all that said what are you waiting for, no need for the other half to moan at the purchase of yet another dress, especially when cost per wear it’ll end up being one of the most cost-effective items you’ve bought. Here’s some of my current favourites.


Put Your Shoulders To It

So Winter has finally made an appearance and it’s cold, actually its freezing but I can’t stop planning (and buying) clothing for my summer wardrobe, and in particular anything that’s showing off a bit of shoulder.

There is something so sexy about a little shoulder action, in an understated way rather than being overtly sexy.  I’m also thinking if you are off anywhere fancy and want to flash a little flesh at this time of year this is most definitely the way to do it.

Although most of us are probably purchasing jumpers, jackets and roll necks right now, the stores are slowly starting to fill up with nice little pieces of Spring inspired delights. Off the shoulder and one shoulder looks dominated the SS16 catwalks regardless of the interpretation – 70’s, stripes, minimalist, making this a key look to invest in and giving maximum bang for your buck.

(All images via Pinterest)

And if you’re hitting the high street here’s my hot-list not to be given the cold shoulder.

(All images via PR Shots)

Snug and Stylish on Christmas Morning.

I bet you’ve already planned what you’ll be wearing Christmas Day, something casual but cool, with the right amount of sparkle to impress but not enough that something could fall off and into the Christmas dinner, almost choking uncle Charlie!  But I bet you haven’t thought about what delights you’ll be waking up in.

In my household most of the pictures taken on Christmas Day happen to be first thing in the morning – when it’s present opening time.  This has, in the past, led to some awful moments being captured including bad hair, pillow face and worse still, some unbelievable outfit combinations. Having now learnt from past Christmas morning fashion disasters I now add a new pair of pyjamas to my festive shopping list essentials.

One of my favourite places to start the hunt for perfect PJs is at Yawn.  Just one quick browse at their yummy imagery has me dreaming about snuggling up on the sofa in a pair of their super-soft pyjamas.  Allow yourself a little slice of luxury in one of Yawns’ scrummy night shirts, PJ or short sets.  Soon you’ll be living by their mantra – Phone off, kettle on, pyjama time!

All images courtesy of Yawn.

But if you’ve missed the last of the guaranteed deliveries for Christmas, and still want to be snug and stylish on our favourite festive morning here’s a selection of my high street hottest.

Heres to a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year