Vavoom in Velvet

September has made finally made an appearance and didn’t that just creep up on us? Whilst we’ve been lucky enough to still experience some rays of summer sun, fashion is most definitely feeling the autumn season.

When I blog I normally write about trends and styles I’m particularly fond of, but as I’m extremely fond of you lot I think it’s only fair to give you a well rounded view of all things planet fashion. With that in mind today’s post is about sumptuous velvet.  I’ve never been hugely keen on velvet, but it’s a massive trend for autumn/winter that’s already widely available on the high street, and it can encompass a lot of the other trends you’ll be seeing throughout the season, so here we go.

I find velvet very 90’s and I just can’t go there again right now, but it is a trend that’s really key for the season and it’s easy to put together a grunge velvet dress, over a t-shirt and team it with DMs, but it’s also actually rather modern and sophisticated, think wide leg, high waist trousers, blazers and beautiful heels.  Have a look at some of the inspo below.


(All images via Pinterest)

Hopefully you can see from the above how easy it can be to work this luxurious fabric into your every day wardrobe with bomber jackets, blazers and cami style midi dresses, but it’s also a great addition for those special occasion outfits, maybe a you’re a guest at a winter wedding or even thinking about party dresses for the festive season?!

If you don’t like the idea of committing to a trend fully it’s always easy to give a little nod with great accessories whether that’s jewellery, shoes or a bag.  Take a peak below at what our fabulous high street already has to offer.  Happy browsing and bring on the weekend.


Bold Statements or Delicate Details

Morning! Sorry for my silence this week, the Bank Holiday Monday threw me then we’ve had sickness and Birthdays galore! I’m currently putting the last of my organisational skills into my son’s 3rd Birthday party this Sunday, we have 30 kids coming – just don’t!

Anyway, I couldn’t leave you lonely all week, plus I’ve had a couple of requests and of course want to give you topics you want to read about, so keep them coming.  And with that in mind today’s post is about statement necklaces and the variations they come in.

I guarantee that when you hear statement necklace you think big, bold, over-sized and eye-catching, and you wouldn’t be wrong. If you’re looking for a quick, easy and often a cost effective way to elevate your outfit, a big chunky statement necklace is without a doubt your go-to accessory. There are also countless trends that can be easily channeled just by adding this one statement piece. Depending on the season or just your mood, you can do deco, minimal, tribal, boho, Victoriana – the list is endless.  Just take a look below at some catwalk and street style inspo.

(All images via Pinterest)

Now, if chunky jewellery isn’t your thing, the very modern and oh so trendy way to do a’statement necklace’ is actually by layering up lots of dainty chains and charms.  I personally love this look and it’s something I wear a lot of, in fact I sleep in my chains and deal with the knotted consequences every morning!  It’s also a really nice way to inject some individuality into your outfit, you can pick charms that have a meaning or reference to you – star signs, engraved discs, nicknames, children’s initials. And if you don’t have the time or it’s just too much effort you can now buy your multi chains already attached, meaning it couldn’t be easy to achieve this layered look.  Be inspired by the below.

(All images via Pinterest)

Decisions, Decision hey? Well don’t despair here’s a selection of my high street favs, from big bold statement neck wear to the delightful dainty details.

Doing the Do with Denim

How do you do denim?  I do it pretty much every single day! It’s the probably the basis of almost every outfit I wear, regardless of season.  In the winter of course it’s jeans or a denim shirt, Spring time a denim jacket and when that summer sun is shining or it’s time to visit somewhere more exotic than Essex, of course denim shorts are the first thing thrown in my suitcase.

Slowly denim has become more and more acceptable, it’s now not just thought of as sloppy weekend wear, you can even get away with at work if you’re not in a super corporate environment, and it’s massive for the season ahead.  Regardless of your age, shape or style preferences there is a way for everyone to wear denim, I’m talking smart, casual, boho, street, 70’s, minimal, 90’s, double, coloured – you name it.

As you can imagine I’m one extremely happy chappy, so I thought I’d share my love of the blue stuff with you.  Below you’ll find 50 shades of blue but alongside that greens, prints, patterns, textures and more.  I hope you feel inspired to switch up your style and try something other than your trusty Levis.



Shearling – The Jacket Dreams Are Made Of.

Winter is well and truly here and you’re probably already arms deep into your winter wardrobe, which of course means warm and cosy outerwear.

For me a good winter coat or jacket is a ‘necessary’ purchase pretty much every winter season, there is only one style I’m drooling over this winter and its of the shearling variety.  Luckily for me, and more so my husband, I have an old Topshop version which is about 5 years old and still in pretty good condition, but if money were no object, and dreams really came true, in my wardrobe right now would be the awesome Acne shearling biker, which is gracing the backs of pretty much every fashion industry insider, celebrity stylistas and Insta/blogger in the know.

Thanks to Instagram we can all crush on the daily wardrobe choosings of some stylish women out there, one of my favourites in Gala Gonzalez and here she is rocking the very beautiful Acne jacket i would desperately like to get my grubby hands on!

And if you’re looking for further celeb inspiration, you couldn’t ask for better than fashions darlings Sienna Miller and Olivia Palermo.  I love these pics in particular because one is super cool, slightly gritty and very London, whilst the other is a pretty Park Avenue princess, both a great take on the shearling.

But with big beautiful brands come big scary price tags, and with Acnes’ biker jacket coming in at a cool £2,000 its beyond the realms of most mere mortals, hence me pulling out a trusty old faithful from Toppers!

70’s styling has been huge all through the summer and is set to stay for the winter season, so its easy to cover off two of this seasons hottest looks in only one purchase.  I think its also a jacket that can easily style up or down a look, so whether you’re wearing your weekend casual, or a sexy little something to your Christmas party, this jacket will compliment your look.

And if you’re yet to try a shearling coat for fear of looking like Del Boy, head to the high street right now where you’ll find plenty of ways to wear it in style, and at credit card friendly prices.  Here’s my top picks….

Images via, Harpers Bazaar and on Pinterest

Tangerine Dream

So September arrives and along comes the wind, rain and grey skies!  Its not all bad though as the high street is full of all the new autumn/winter trends we’ve been drooling over in those September issues.  But if you’re not quite ready to let go of the summer just yet then there is one colour that will still bring a little sunshine to your wardrobe, for now and throughout the cooler season…we’re talking orange.

Of course we associate orange with sweltering summers, sun shine and possibly fake tan! But orange also evokes thoughts of autumn, when the leaves turn and start to fall and big bright orange bonfires in November.

Fashion favourites’, Jourdan Dunn and Olivia Palermo, have been working the colour for months, and the AW15 catwalks were awash with orange in all variations, which has now filtered down into the high street.





I bet you thought ‘Orange? No Way’! But I’m wondering if now that you’ve seen the spectrum of colour you have to play with whether I’ve convinced you to give it a go?  Whether you doing some last minute summer holiday shopping, or already stocking up on AW wardrobe essentials here are my tangerine dreams on the high street right now.

(Catwalk and celebrity images from Pintrest)

Jump to it

The jumpsuit, probably the one item in your wardrobe that men don’t seem to understand but women love and lust after.  I guarantee you always get a compliment from another female when you head out in a jumpsuit.

Over the last few years the jumpsuit has gone from being strictly weekend wear, to an everyday staple. No matter what the top trends of the season are,  you’re sure to find a jumpsuit that will help you achieve the look in just one item of clothing.  This summer military and 70’s have both been key, and you can easily find a khaki boiler suit in H&M, or a bold flared trouser jumpsuit in Zara.


I’m desperately seeking a denim version, and thinking ahead to next season I’m hoping to find something with arms. The jumpsuit I’m dreaming of is a Zara one (of course) which seems to have sold out everywhere, and that just makes me want it even more.  So, I’m resulting to Ebay – wish me luck!

My daytime uniform pretty much always involves a pair of jeans, and as the mum of a busy 2 year old I’m always looking for a casual outfit which doesn’t revolve around my ripped skinnes, that gives me the chance to chase him round the park, whist maintaining my modesty and also looking fairly stylish – hence my love for the jumpsuit.

And whilst most of us have our ‘going out out’ clothes that only ever see the light of day when it’s, well, dark, I would encourage you to try and get more out of the pieces you buy and learn how small styling tricks and some well chosen accessories can take you easily from day to night.  In the summer months team your jumpsuit with your favorite sandals, or for a sporty vibe, the fashionistas’ choice of white trainers, and put a small turn up in the leg.  Then when you hit the town keep the turn up and slip on some killer heels, if you have a collar, pop it, and if the jumpsuit has a button-up front now is the time to be a bit risque and leave a couple undone.  If this leaves you feeling slightly exposed try a huge statement necklace, it’ll help feel like you’re still getting some coverage and look super stylish.

So, with all this in mind here are my current high street favorites, and some gorgeous model shots to give inspiration whether your last minute holiday buying, panicking about what to wear to that summer garden party, or looking to update your off-duty, daytime wardrobe.