You make me Blush

You know I love a little colour feature, even though the majority of my wardrobe is most definitely black, white or grey!  At the start of each season there are always a handful of key colours that we know will be huge, this summer we have bold reds, vivd yellows and fresh whites.  I’ve already blogged about all of these so have a peruse if you’ve the chance, but there is an outsider racing up the pantone chart that’s got everyone gushing over blush.

You may be thinking, blush, that’s not much of a colour, but I promise to show you otherwise.  Personally I think it’s beautiful, sophisticated and very complimentary to pretty much every other colour going, not to mention fantastic when we get to that weird transitional period, you know not quite summer but not quite autumn. …Take a peak below.

(All images via Pinterest)

What gets me blushing about blush is it’s timelessness, if you buy well cut, good fitting pieces of clothing you’ll get maxim wear season after season. The colour range is vast too, meaning it looks great on everyone, but especially in the summer, accessorised with sun-kissed skin!

If you like to invest in your wardrobe knowing that you’ve not bought a one hit wonder opt for the deeper, warmer tones and you’ll be blushing all the way into AW17.  Here’s my High Street hot list.


Seeing Red

We’ve made it to Friday and your final installment of the bright stuff, which has seen me trying my best to fill your week with bright, vibrant colour.  This weeks’ trio would not be complete without me making you see red, in a good way – I hope!

On Wednesday the focus was pink, but the way to wear pink this season is by clashing with big, bold reds.  You can buy into the trend without having to put too much thought into how you’re going to pull it off by picking up clothing that already combines this smoking hot, colour clashing combo and there is a reason why Chris de Burgh sang about a ‘Lady in Red’, so take a look below at how spectacular this colour looks on the catwalks queens and superb street stylers.

(All images via [Pinterest)

How can you resist?  Whether it’s top to toe or just an accent with key accessories, red gives every outfit that pop, but it’s also one of those colours that people often think only suits blondes, or only suits brunettes, in honesty there is a shade for everyone, you just need to find your perfect hue.  I love that the inspo pics show how a colour can be ‘the’ trend of the season but also how it transcend the trends, meaning as long as your wardrobe is seeing some sort of red this season you will be nailing it.

Now you know our favourite high street stores are awash with colour what will you choose; yellow, pink or red?  But before you make your final choice here are my flaming hot must-haves from drapey dresses to show stopping sneaks.

Colour Me Bad

Happy sunny Monday you gorgeous lot, well, more like happy Monday, not so much of that sunny stuff anymore, typical on the first day of Spring, but fear not, I am about to bring some sunshine to your day!

Last week I was working with a friend who was searching for a dress to wear at her daughters’ christening.  As we sifted through the high street offerings I noticed a difference in our selections, mine were full of colour and her’s were black!  When I showed her a beautiful dress in red she said ‘ooh I never wear red’, ‘WHAT?’ was my reply!  I do understand why people shy away from colour and you guys know I’m particularly partial to black, white and grey, but there is a whole other world out there and it’s in big, bold colours.

This week I’ll be bringing you colour round ups, so if you’re unsure of living life away from the dark-side I can maybe point you in the direction of the seasons’ hottest colour choices that will be flooding the high street this summer.

First up yellow and you’ll see below that the SS17 catwalks were awash with every shade possible from mellow to mega, take a peak.

(All images via Pinterest)

This season we’re seeing a lot of head to toe colour block looks.  I understand that if you don’t normally ‘do colour’ this might be a little (or a lot) scary, so take a small element of your outfit and inject some oomph into that key item, whether that’s your jacket, shoes or handbag.

So if you’ve read this far and I’ve still not convinced you to swap your non-colours for colour give me one last shot and take a look below at this lovely lot, all available on our fabulous high street.