Vavoom in Velvet

September has made finally made an appearance and didn’t that just creep up on us? Whilst we’ve been lucky enough to still experience some rays of summer sun, fashion is most definitely feeling the autumn season.

When I blog I normally write about trends and styles I’m particularly fond of, but as I’m extremely fond of you lot I think it’s only fair to give you a well rounded view of all things planet fashion. With that in mind today’s post is about sumptuous velvet.  I’ve never been hugely keen on velvet, but it’s a massive trend for autumn/winter that’s already widely available on the high street, and it can encompass a lot of the other trends you’ll be seeing throughout the season, so here we go.

I find velvet very 90’s and I just can’t go there again right now, but it is a trend that’s really key for the season and it’s easy to put together a grunge velvet dress, over a t-shirt and team it with DMs, but it’s also actually rather modern and sophisticated, think wide leg, high waist trousers, blazers and beautiful heels.  Have a look at some of the inspo below.


(All images via Pinterest)

Hopefully you can see from the above how easy it can be to work this luxurious fabric into your every day wardrobe with bomber jackets, blazers and cami style midi dresses, but it’s also a great addition for those special occasion outfits, maybe a you’re a guest at a winter wedding or even thinking about party dresses for the festive season?!

If you don’t like the idea of committing to a trend fully it’s always easy to give a little nod with great accessories whether that’s jewellery, shoes or a bag.  Take a peak below at what our fabulous high street already has to offer.  Happy browsing and bring on the weekend.


Coverting Camis

I’m back! Well I’ve got a little spare time to myself after getting my head round baby No 2, and what a gorgeous little bundle she is but jeez, two is a whole other world! Never the less it’s good to be back on the laptop and hopefully writing something you guys might enjoy reading.

It’s a nice easy piece to get myself back in the saddle, but it’s totally relevant and about a item of clothing that I’ve never really been that bothered about, till now – the cami.

Once a piece of attire you kept as sleepwear or as something to team under a sheer top, but now camis are most definitely taking center stage.  I’ve never been that fussed by them, always opting for a bit more of a statement top to wear with jeans, trousers or a skirt, but we had a wedding not long after baby No2 arrived and whilst I was tearing my hair out over what to wear, I managed to find a beautiful Whistles skirt at my local ‘preloved’ shop Friends Dress Agency.  Check them out by the way, Victoria, who owns Friends is fabulous and has some incredible stock.  Anyway, I needed a top and had no idea where I was going track something down with T-12hours till my flight to Ireland. Luckily New Look came to the rescue with the most perfect silky cami in navy, which you can see here, along with my new arrival and the hubs.

This off the cuff purchase for a dressy affair has now become part of my everyday wardrobe.  It’s pretty much my ‘go to top’ instead of a black, white or grey tee, regardless of what I’m wearing, see below for some inspiring ways to wear.

I’m not the only one who sees the worth of a humble cami, the high street is full of them whether you’re doing dressed up or down, spring, summer, autumn or winter there is a cami for every occasion. You probably even have one tucked away in your underwear draw, or screwed up in the back of the wardrobe.  If you do dig it out and give it a new lease of life, or have a look at some of the below and treat yourself.  You’ll be impressed, I promise.



Putting Your Best Foot Forward.

There’s a twitching in my feet, yep they are crying out to be set free from big black biker boots and into something a little more lightweight.  Of course it’s far too early to be considering sandals, although I’m always pedi ready – just in case.

What I have been looking at and lusting over on Vestiaire Collective is a pair of espadrilles.  Ok, so they’re not exactly the newest footwear fashion on the block and they my conjure up images of your parents wearing them back in the day, but since last summer and the magic touch of Chanel, hotly followed by just about every other high end designer out there, they’ve had a make-over of sorts and are now hot to trot.

(All images via Pinterest)

I’ve been agonising over a pair of Celine bright orange beauties, not sure the credit card can take it at the moment what with baby no 2 on the way and plenty still to do in the house before bubs arrival in June, but seeing as my trotters don’t go in anything with a heel higher than a pair of slippers at the moment I basically need them….right?!

So, if like me and your feet are desperate for an airing, have a little look at the variations our fabulous high street stores are offering for the spring/summer season, there are some serious contenders for high end looky-likes!

Snug and Stylish on Christmas Morning.

I bet you’ve already planned what you’ll be wearing Christmas Day, something casual but cool, with the right amount of sparkle to impress but not enough that something could fall off and into the Christmas dinner, almost choking uncle Charlie!  But I bet you haven’t thought about what delights you’ll be waking up in.

In my household most of the pictures taken on Christmas Day happen to be first thing in the morning – when it’s present opening time.  This has, in the past, led to some awful moments being captured including bad hair, pillow face and worse still, some unbelievable outfit combinations. Having now learnt from past Christmas morning fashion disasters I now add a new pair of pyjamas to my festive shopping list essentials.

One of my favourite places to start the hunt for perfect PJs is at Yawn.  Just one quick browse at their yummy imagery has me dreaming about snuggling up on the sofa in a pair of their super-soft pyjamas.  Allow yourself a little slice of luxury in one of Yawns’ scrummy night shirts, PJ or short sets.  Soon you’ll be living by their mantra – Phone off, kettle on, pyjama time!

All images courtesy of Yawn.

But if you’ve missed the last of the guaranteed deliveries for Christmas, and still want to be snug and stylish on our favourite festive morning here’s a selection of my high street hottest.

Heres to a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Pretty in Pink

So, you may or may not have realised that pastels are huge for spring/summer!

These sugary shades have been on the radar since last year and were a bit of a hit over the both seasons. Makes a nice contrast to all the black and grunge thats been going on.

Basically if you didn’t buy into this trend over the last year now is probably the time to come over from the dark side. For those of you that went crazy for last summers’ sorbet shades you’ll probably have a wardrobe full of clothes that are still bang on trend. Lucky you, lucky credit card!

One of the most coverted items has been a bubblegum pink coat. I know what you’re thinking, you’re not 10 years old, but trust me, it’s much more sophisticated and grown up than it sounds.

The high street was originally inspired by the super cool cocoon style from Jil Sander


Not just for the beautiful pastel pink shade, but by the very simple and elegant shape.

If you didn’t purchase this must-have item last season there are still plenty of gorgeous options out there right now.

The coat in general is a big trend for spring, I know it’s normally something a lot lighter, like a mac, but given that this time last year it was snowing in the UK this might be a worthwhile investment!

So here are a few of my favourites on the high street right now.

Mango £139.99

F&F limited edition £50

Miss Selfridge was £75 now £55.30</

River Island £80

Jigsaw £220

Topshop £75