Summer White Out

Have you been reading the papers or seen the news?  Apparently we are on the cusp of a wonderfully hot heatwave in the UK, it’ll probably last a week and that’ll be the summer over in a flash, but if there is ever a time when it’s right to wear white it’s during the summer time when it’s hot, hot, hot!

I know, I know – White!  It’s a tough colour (or non-colour) to wear if you have kids, take public transport or just live a normal everyday life, but it’s also incredible stylish, chic and as we all learnt at school, it reflects the light and heat so effectively an all white outfit should keep us cooler than fashions other favourite ‘colour’, black.

Just take a look at the below all white outfit inspo – everything from street wear to beachwear and lots more in-between.

(All images via Pinterest)

It’s so hard to write this without any of the cheesy white gags, but are you now feeling that everything could be ‘all white’…..Sorry!

It’s not a look that should be saved exclusively for your wedding day, but if you’re a wedding guest steer well clear, unless otherwise directed by the bride.

So have I got you thinking this is a look you fancy trying whether you’re home, or away on hols when it’s often much easier to do with a little bit of sun kissed skin, then take a look at the below and feel free to get in touch with your all white outfits I would love to see them.


Arm Candy fit for the Beach


We’re not far from May now, which really marks the start of summer.  If like me you’re already dreaming of warmer climes, crystal clear seas and white sands you’ve probably also been shopping for ‘holiday essentials’ at any spare opportunity.

Bikinis, sandals, beach cover-ups, they’ve all been available on the high street and online for some time now, so the next item to tick off your capsule holiday wardrobe is the beach bag.

When I buy something I like to get maximum usage out of an item, something that I can use at home and away, so the perfect beach bag purchase this summer is the straw or raffia bag.  Now I know this is essentially not anything new, but with the likes of beautiful British brand, Rae Feather making straw beach baskets and even clutches the most desirable (not to mention instagrammed) bags on the summer scene, I can promise you will not be saving this bag purely for beach holiday purposes.

If you’ve not yet discovered Rae Feather you only need to look through your Instagram feed to see a whole host of fans.  Rae Feather believe that with simplicity comes longevity – music to my ears!  We all want those timeless pieces in our wardrobe that we look to use again and again, season after season.  They also offer a fantastic monogram service so you can really make your bag your own, with initials and even choosing a colour way for the stripe details….Their monogram clutch is high on my birthday wish list.

Just take a look below to see how you can take this piece of arm candy from bustling city to beautiful beach life.

(All images via Pinterest)

So if you’ve got some room left in that suitcase of yours now is the time to hit the high street and bag yourself a little straw number.  It can also double as a great piece of hand luggage with plenty of room for storing your duty-free purchases…Happy Holidays.



Bring Me The Biker.

Happy New Year you lovely lot, I hope Santa had you on the nice list and New Year was full of excitement.  Unfortunately for me I caught the most rotten cold and was in bed with a lemsip by 9:30pm.

Anyway, the best and most exciting past-time post Christmas is not hitting the packed, sweaty gym, I prefer sharpening my elbows and hitting the high street to bag a bargain in the sales, which is exactly what I did the day after Boxing Day, oh and then returned my purchase again 3 days later…let me explain.

I was desperate to find myself a beautiful leather biker in the Jan sales, I even started to scope out styles before Christmas.  Luckily for me, my Mother-in-Law is very generous and I received a gift card ripe for splurging in Whistles…Whoop!

When it comes to the Whistles sales you have to be quick off the mark and unfortunately you can’t use their gift cards online, this meant I had to head into town and of course purchase, I mean browse, all the other sale goodies whilst I was there.  As soon as I walked into the store my eyes were drawn to a gorgeous cropped leather biker, the price tag, £350 down to £145! How could I resist?  I popped it on, a size 12, but something wasn’t right, the shoulders looked a little big, it was quite that shrunken Kate Moss look I’d been envisaging (see below), oh I wanted to cry!  ‘No problem’ said the lovely sales girl, I’ll just track down a size 10 for you – only problem, it had actually sold out the whole way through the company and online.

I bought the size 12 anyway, for me it’s that whole fear of missing out, or tracking down something that basically doesn’t exist anymore, it always makes you want it more.  On getting home, away from the nice mirrors and Instagram worthy lighting I realised my errors and knew it had to go back – hey it’s basically giving the opportunity to some else, right?

Back I go to Whistles and just one last check with the sales girl that there is definitely no size 10’s anywhere in the UK, whilst she’s searching I have a browse in the ‘New Season’ section..Uh Oh!  Here we go again, my eyes fall upon the most beautiful, butter soft (Kate Moss inspired – obvs)  black biker, but at another £200, on top of the gift card I just couldn’t justify, or afford the divorce.  So, I’ll be waiting for another sale or a Grazia 20% at Whistles before I’m splurging on this beauty.

To save you my dilemmas here’s a selection of the coolest bikers out there at the moment.

Jump to it

The jumpsuit, probably the one item in your wardrobe that men don’t seem to understand but women love and lust after.  I guarantee you always get a compliment from another female when you head out in a jumpsuit.

Over the last few years the jumpsuit has gone from being strictly weekend wear, to an everyday staple. No matter what the top trends of the season are,  you’re sure to find a jumpsuit that will help you achieve the look in just one item of clothing.  This summer military and 70’s have both been key, and you can easily find a khaki boiler suit in H&M, or a bold flared trouser jumpsuit in Zara.


I’m desperately seeking a denim version, and thinking ahead to next season I’m hoping to find something with arms. The jumpsuit I’m dreaming of is a Zara one (of course) which seems to have sold out everywhere, and that just makes me want it even more.  So, I’m resulting to Ebay – wish me luck!

My daytime uniform pretty much always involves a pair of jeans, and as the mum of a busy 2 year old I’m always looking for a casual outfit which doesn’t revolve around my ripped skinnes, that gives me the chance to chase him round the park, whist maintaining my modesty and also looking fairly stylish – hence my love for the jumpsuit.

And whilst most of us have our ‘going out out’ clothes that only ever see the light of day when it’s, well, dark, I would encourage you to try and get more out of the pieces you buy and learn how small styling tricks and some well chosen accessories can take you easily from day to night.  In the summer months team your jumpsuit with your favorite sandals, or for a sporty vibe, the fashionistas’ choice of white trainers, and put a small turn up in the leg.  Then when you hit the town keep the turn up and slip on some killer heels, if you have a collar, pop it, and if the jumpsuit has a button-up front now is the time to be a bit risque and leave a couple undone.  If this leaves you feeling slightly exposed try a huge statement necklace, it’ll help feel like you’re still getting some coverage and look super stylish.

So, with all this in mind here are my current high street favorites, and some gorgeous model shots to give inspiration whether your last minute holiday buying, panicking about what to wear to that summer garden party, or looking to update your off-duty, daytime wardrobe.