You make me Blush

You know I love a little colour feature, even though the majority of my wardrobe is most definitely black, white or grey!  At the start of each season there are always a handful of key colours that we know will be huge, this summer we have bold reds, vivd yellows and fresh whites.  I’ve already blogged about all of these so have a peruse if you’ve the chance, but there is an outsider racing up the pantone chart that’s got everyone gushing over blush.

You may be thinking, blush, that’s not much of a colour, but I promise to show you otherwise.  Personally I think it’s beautiful, sophisticated and very complimentary to pretty much every other colour going, not to mention fantastic when we get to that weird transitional period, you know not quite summer but not quite autumn. …Take a peak below.

(All images via Pinterest)

What gets me blushing about blush is it’s timelessness, if you buy well cut, good fitting pieces of clothing you’ll get maxim wear season after season. The colour range is vast too, meaning it looks great on everyone, but especially in the summer, accessorised with sun-kissed skin!

If you like to invest in your wardrobe knowing that you’ve not bought a one hit wonder opt for the deeper, warmer tones and you’ll be blushing all the way into AW17.  Here’s my High Street hot list.


Stripe Hype

So the sales are coming to an end and the shops are filling up with exciting newness, although the sale rail for me is always most exciting when it nears the end of it’s life, it’s where I always manage to hunt out some super bargains.

The new collections floating around are transitional pieces, you know those items that help us get though the weird in-between bit before the new season trends really arrive. So with that in mind we’re all starting to think about what will be hot for spring/summer.

I love looking at the new trends but when I shop I really want to wear my new purchases ASAP, so finding buy now wear now items that will also see me through the seasons’ next big trends is important, and cost effective.

One SS17 trend seen across the catwalks was stripes, I’m not just talking lovely nautical, Breton style stripes, nope, big, bold and even a bit Beetle Juice!

(All images via Pinterest)

I know lots of people avoid stripes for fear of looking larger, but a stripe worn vertically will actually enhance as it elongates.  Of course all the inspo images are of models but take another look at how flattering a vertical stripe is.

What I love about the stripes this spring summer is how they are also incorporating other trends, prints and styles. You’ll find a stripes with camo or animal prints flowing through, stripes with a boho vibe and of course the smart stripe that is perfect for work.

Finally if you’re quick and make the most of the sale rail you can nab yourself a bargain before the full price stripes hit the shelves. Take a peak below at some of the super stripeiness available on our high street now and coming soon.

Getting Shirty

It’s funny where blogging inspo comes from.  Friday’s post is thanks to one of my best friends who asked if I’d seen any lovely shirt dresses recently, and it got me thinking about what a versatile little piece the shirt dress really is.

At this time of year we start to get hints that warm weather is on it’s way and we’re desperate to shed those layers and embrace something more spring like, but the moment you do the winds will pick up and the rain will reappear, making you and everybody you see wonder if you caught the weather forecast that morning.  So is a cleverly style shirt dress the key to transitional dressing?

If you buy wisely it’ll be an item of clothing that will see you through pretty much all seasons. In the winter you can layer up with thermals and a chunky knit, but it will also be the perfect bikini cover up and teamed with denim cut-offs will take you straight from beach to bar.

And if you’re not a slave to fashion THE shirt dress can easily be on trend without you realising, maybe because it’s stripy or has a bold floral print, it has a 50’s cut or is completely androgynous.  Not only that but you  team with trainers, sandals, boots, heels – I don’t really need to go on, I know you get the picture.

(All inspo images via Pinterest)

You may already have a shirt dress lurking in the depths of your wardrobe, if you do some clever styling can bring it bang up to date, we’re talking buttons undone, changing the belt and adding further accessories. If you don’t have one no need to get shirty (sorry) and feel like you’re missing out, here’s my high street hottest.