Sports Bra Chic

I’ve recently fallen back in love with running.  I was invited to take part in the Salomon Sunset Series but I’ll be running around after the mini me as it’s her 1st Birthday the weekend it takes place in London.  In the past I have pounded my way though a handful of runs, including a half marathon, which was more than enough for me –  big up you full on marathon runners!  But one thing I’m not in love with is that constant bounce you get up top and I’m not talking about my curly hair!

Keeping your chest under control whilst talking part in any activity is not only very import for your body, if you don’t we’re talking saggy boobs, possibly stretch marks and general back pain, there is also the obvious discomfort and distraction (for you and other’s, if you get what I mean) whilst working out.

There is really no excuse not to give ‘the girls’ a little lift in this department now.  Back in the day sports bras were utterly gross, just plain and functional, but now they are super stylish and funky, so much so the fash pack have been spotted flashing their’s whilst pounding the pavements instead of the treadmill – take a peak.

(All images via Pinterest)

Of course we’re all different shapes, sizes and workout in different ways.  I look longingly at girls who can wear the cool multi strap sports bras, which are great for yoga but if I’m going hell for leather on the cross trainer I know I need something with a little more material, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be comprising on style.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not prancing round the gym in just a pair of leggings and a bra, I wouldn’t want to put anyone off their workout, but wearing your sports bra as more obvious item of your gym kit is easier than ever and when they look this good why wouldn’t you?!



Jump to It

Some mornings you open your wardrobe starring at your clothes wishing for an outfit to jump out and onto your body, when that obviously doesn’t happen you need to have some go-to items that you can always fall back on.  My trusty faithfuls are either a pair of ripped jeans or a jumpsuit, I lean more towards a jumpsuit in these (finally) hotter summer months whether it’s for school run fun or drinks with the girls in the sun.

Jumpsuits are nothing new on the fashion front, but lots of people still find them a scary outfit option, especially if you’re wanting to try a more casual look.  The most crucial thing to get right when buying a jumpsuit is the fit…the camel toe is not an accessory on anyone’s must-have list!

Take a peak at how the street style superstars jump to it.

(All images via Pinterest)

Fancy giving the jumpsuit a go, or maybe changing up the way you usually wear yours? Take a peak below, and believe me when I write I could have gone on FOREVER listing with my favourites, so here is a small edit of my edit…JUMP AROUND!


Kimono Queen

If there is one item in my holiday wardrobe I hate packing away once the holiday is over it’s my beach kimono.  It’s only a cheap one from Boohoo , but it’s been a fantastic buy and now there is more than one way to wear this bit of beach attire when you’re not frolicking in the sand.

You may have spotted a handful of fashionistas wafting around the city streets in what looks very similar to (and is more than likely) a beach kimono.  Of course they’re not teaming it with their must-have one or two piece, no, you’re more likely to see it worn over jeans and tee….See below

(All images via Pinterest)

The maxi kimono has long been a firm favourite on the summer festival scene, but if you’ve out grown that part of your life and still want to get more wear out of this lovely piece of fabric, now is most definitely the time to give this look a go.

Hopefully you already own a lovely beach cover up that will work well for this trend, but if you don’t, are off on hols shortly and fancy giving this trend a go here are a few of my favs.  I think it makes the perfect airport outfit over a little vest, with jeans and sandals…And if you stick your swimwear in your hand luggage at least you’ll have one beautiful thing to wear poolside if your suitcase take a completely different kind of holiday!

Wondrous White Tee

What’s not to love about a wickedly understated white tee?  Having just purchased myself a little beauty from Maison Labiche on ASOS last week, I’ve been reminded just how wondrous the white t-shirt can be for reinvigorating your wardrobe.

Hunting out this pristine perfection (and keeping it that way for the matter, especially if you have mini sticky fingers who need picking up every 30 seconds) can be a mission and almost as elusive as the right pair of jeans, but track down a tee that offers the perfect cut in the right fabric and you’ll never have to search again.

Basics, such as a good t-shirt, will make the rest of your wardrobe work harder for you.  You’ll also be able to wear it year round, season after season, always looking on point and allowing you to tap into whatever the next big trend is.

See how the style set wow in their white tees whatever the occasion.

(All images via Pinterest)

From feather maxi skirts to distressed denim, hopefully now you’ll see how a white tee can compliment every aspect of your wardrobe.  I teamed mine with leather look Zara trousers and Stan Smiths on Friday night, I just had to steer clear of anyone with a glass of red in hand.

There are a lot of slogan tees about at the mo if you don’t fancy the full on white out, but for the purists reading I’ve narrowed down your search with a few of my favs.

The long and SHORT of it

If I was to ask you what is the style staple and pretty much corner-stone to the majority of your holiday wardrobe, would you agree with me and say a pair of denim shorts?

Having just been away I realised how much I rely on my good old denim cut-offs.  I’d say they featured in my to day-to-day wardrobe on a daily basis, whether that was chucked on over a swimsuit (see below) or teamed with my favourite boho blouse, but on returning home they’re relegated to the back of the cupboard, where I only pull them out if it’s a scorcher in the garden.

I don’t know about you but I’m a cost per wear person (although others might tell you something else), so I’m feeling brave this summer and plan to maximise the life out of my denim shorts.  Here’s how with some inspo from the style set.

(All images via Pinterest)

Looking at those outfits there isn’t anything new or ground breaking, but what you need to pull off a cut off when you’re not beach side is confidence, which means a little extra outfit planning.  A long sleeve, whether that’s a breton stripe top, simple tee and blazer or crisp white shirt looks super chic and balances out the amount of flesh you’re flashing.  If your main concern is people whispering ‘oh my god, look at her butt’ then a carefully tied shirt or jumper will give you a little more coverage up back and a lot more confidence up front.

If you’re looking for a denim short that’s more city break than beach holiday there are some 3/4 styles that are very now and much more likely to feature in your non-holiday wardrobe once your feet are firming back on home turf.

That my lovelies is the long and the short of it, so here are a few of my high street favs.

Floral Fancy

Can I just start by saying I love getting feedback from you guys, especially when it involves a specific request. With that in mind today’s post is not only about the must-have dress of the summer season but was also requested by a good friend, so here’s hoping you all enjoy.

A floaty floral dress for summer time is not ground breaking, but this year there is something so beautifully fresh and different about what’s out there. Maybe it’s the fabric, cut or sleeve details that set this season apart, I’m not sure, but whatever it is we all seem to be feeling it.

If you’re not keen on your arms and in particular the dreaded bingo wings, then having a longer sleeve on your dress can be a game changer. This summer you’ll find the whole shebang of sleeve available – off the shoulder, cold shoulder, bell sleeves, ruffles and tiers! Take a peak at the floral fancys of ss17 catwalks and street style stars that have caught my eye.

(All images via Pinterest)

I recently bagged myself a blooming beautiful maxi dress from Boohoo which I wore to a wedding last weekend. I don’t normally girlie prints, especially in dress form, but teamed with my biker and hardware heavy Stella clutch it toughened up the final look up just enough for me to still feel like me.  Goes to show how versitile a little floral number can actually be.

So if you’re currently on the hunt for a dress that’s fantastically floral, feminine and frilly look no further because I’ve done most of the searching for you.