Saddle Up

Every now and then an iconic it bag, a must-have piece of arm candy, widely and loving imitated comes along and creates quite a stir.  The fashion pack swing these expensive pieces proudly from their shoulders, whilst the rest of us search high and low for something similar without the eye-watering price tags, or squirrel away Birthday and Christmas money in hope we’ll have enough to purchase before there’s a cooler replacement on offer.

For some time now Chloe have most definitely been producing the most lusted after ‘it bag’.  Cleverly they took the simple saddle bag and rocketed it to another stratosphere! First of all we had the Marcie cross-body bag which had that typical Chloe boho vibe to it with a thick shoulder strap, tassels with a smarter vibe and stitch detailing.  Then, enter stage left, the super sleek and uber stylish Chloe Drew, with its dainty chain shoulder strap and clean, minimal design what’s not to love?  I couldn’t put an inspo montage together without both bags being included, and more than once, so have a peak below.

(All images via Pinterest)

There’s a strong likelihood that you have a saddle bag somewhere in the depths of your wardrobe, I know I’ve got a couple, and you’ve probably kept them for specific occasions; holidays, music festivals, anything that requires you to be hands-free because you’re with kids!  But thanks to team Chloe the saddle bag has had a chic make-over which means you you can now consider it as a bag that’ll easily take you from day to night, weekly shop to weekend wedding and all with enough room from those essential essentials – if you get my drift.

Here’s a selection of my favourites from understated to obvious, the choice is yours.



Bold and Beautiful Botanical Prints

When it comes to prints I have to say I’m more of a minimalist really, bold bright, block colour and of course a stripe with the odd hint of animal print, but there is a particular print that’s recently caught my eye and it’s the botanical print.

I’m loving the palm or banana leaf style print, on a crisp white background and then this bold splash of green, but there are lots of ways this look is achievable. Just take a look at the below catwalk and street style pics to see different ways you can work this look into your wardrobe.

(All images via Pinterest)

Some of these looks are big and bold, like the Blake Lively jumpsuit, but look how a pair of printed city shorts, teamed with a fresh white shirt offers just a hint of this totally tropical vibe making it pretty easy to wear.

The most natural habitat to try this look is of course on holiday and there are lots of lovely printed kaftans out there that’ll achieve this look.  I just snapped up a beauty in the Monsoon sale, it’s listed below but I’ll post pics on Instagram once it’s popped through my postbox.  I’ll be teaming it with denim cut-offs and a plain bikini when I get to hit the beach, but also want to get maximum wear out of it and know how work well with skinny ripped jeans and a silky cami.

Whether you’re shopping online or on the high street you can find beautiful botanical prints on everything from footwear, scarves and bags to maxi dresses, camis and tailoring.  And I’ve attempted to make it easier for you by narrowing down my perfect picks that will help you achieve this look no matter the style, event or occasion.

Lust List

At any given time if someone was to ask me if I’ve seen anything ‘nice’ whilst out shopping the answer is always a big, fat YES!  I know that might sound materialistic but I just can’t help myself and can spot ‘pretty things’ at 50 paces that I believe will make my wardrobe complete.  If something is out of stock or unavailable it just makes me want it even more – do you know that feeling?

So today’s blog post is me sharing my current lustings and these could be anything from clothes, shoes or bags to cosmetics, skincare or gym kit – so here we go.

Ok, so in my current 38 weeks pregnant physical condition  I would not really get away with rocking any of these beautiful pieces from Mara Hoffman, but with a little September Ibiza escape on the horizon I’m hoping that I’ll be feeling confident enough to get back in a bikini, and if I’m not I’ll be draping myself in one of these stunning beaded kaftans.


You guys know from previous posts what a magpie I am, so of course there are a few sparkly things thrown in the mix.  This clutch from ASOS looks so much more expensive than it’s £25 price tag, plus it’ll look great with a bikini on the beach or teamed with a super sophisticated dress…need, need, need!

I love a pair of sunnies, they hide a multitude of sins and just generally make you feel like a rock star.  I don’t currently own a pair of rose gold coloured lenses, but maybe I will soon and hopefully they’ll look something like this pair from Dior

I never wear matching earrings, not because I think it’s cool but because I’m forever losing them, or the butterflies. But now it is cool to mix and match your earrings and these single studs from Astley Clarke are right up my street.  I would be teaming them with this stunning large horn necklace from Missoma which would never leave my neck.


I’ve been desperate to squeeze my baby bump into a pair of side stripe trousers, I love the real casual vibe of this pair from ASOS, but would equally be able to dress them up with a pair of heels, possibly this ankle tie pair from Topshop which at just £29 have to make it to my shoe cupboard very soon,  They’re a great heel height and I can totally imagine them with a full on double denim outfit.

Now who doesn’t love a little off the shoulder action? This dress from M&S is pure understated sexiness, I can see it on balmy holiday evenings out with flat sandals, but how gorgeous would you feel teaming it with sky scrapper heels as a special occasion outfit…One not to be missed.

Lastly, everything is always better when you put a little bronzer on it and this Nars bronzing powder in Laguna has cult classic status.  If you’ve never tried do not delay any further.

And there you have it, my current Lust List, I’d love to hear what’s on yours.  If any of the above make it into my grubby paws soon I’ll be posting pics on Instagram so come find me over there on @notjustadress


Cool as a Co-ord

You may or may not have noticed but fully coordinated outfits, or co-ords as they’re affectionately known, are having a bit of a moment and have been for some time now.

Take everything you’ve ever thought was wrong about fashion, so matching your prints and patterns, but in separate items, and throw that out the window.  If you want to look effortlessly cool throughout the summer this is the look to go with, and surprisingly it works for every and any situation, we’re talking beach chic, special occasion outfits, everyday girl about town and even workwear – take a peak below.

(All images via Pinterest)

Looking at the inspo images you can see how easy it is to go from pretty and girly to sports luxe or office appropriate.  It’s also really simple, no nonsense dressing because the look and style is already put together for you in two simple items.  Don’t be shy though and add your own spin to an outfit if you’re comfortable doing so.  Maybe you could trying colour clashing a t-shirt or cami with a blazer and short or trouser co-ord, this will also brake up the print if you’re feeling it’s a little too heavy.

However you want to try this look the high street stores and online retailers are packed to the rafters with different options. So, before you hit the shops think about what items you already have in your wardrobe, as you may have pieces that will work well when teamed with the co-ord items separately – the outfit options could be endless!

Pilgrim Jewellery

I’m a bit of a jewellery nut, which I think is putting it nicely and I’m OK with. My husband thinks I’m a kleptomaniac or magpie, attracted to anything shiny which is also fair, but to me it’s incredible what  good jewellery can do for your outfit and the confidence it gives in feeling like your outfit is complete.

Some of you might know I’m a guest presenter at QVC and I get to meet some wonderful people from some fantastic brands.  The other week I met Helen from Pilgrim Jewellery – she is awesome!  You know when you meet someone and feel like you already know them, that’s how I felt with Helen.  I’d heard of Pilgrim, you can find their jewellery in big high street department stores like Debenhams and House of Fraser to name two, at online shopping giant ASOS and at a whole host of cool independents, but I didn’t realise that the brands roots were of the supercool scandi kind.

Helen talked me through a bit more about the brand and when she showed me the pieces, and encouraged me to wear something for the QVC show we were on together, I was hooked!

Set up 30 years ago Pilgrim is still a family run business with a conscience and heart. They provide funds to various charities, projects and trusts where possible and all their jewellery is hand-made, which means you’re getting authentic, true pieces that hold on to the designers original influences and in doing so, create beautiful jewellery.  I also think the prices are spot on and easy on the bank balance, especially bearing in mind you’re getting something handmade.  What more could you ask for?



Scandi style is most definitely at the forefront of fashion.  Stockholm Fashion Week is hotly attended by fashion elite from all over the world who want to catch a glimpse of the up and coming brands, well known big hitters and of course the elite street stylers, bloggers and Insta fashionistas.

Pilgrim manages to mix this Scandi cool, minimalist style with a free-spirited, boho edge, for me the mix couldn’t be more perfect. This means you have items of jewellery that will compliment your everyday jeans and tee combo, to festival and holiday essentials that’ll look great worn on the beach or adorning your wrists as your through your arms up to the beat at the main stage.

I bagged myself this coin detail bracelet and it won’t leave my arm whilst I’m in Ibiza, it’ll come from beach to bar and probably bed it’s that comfortable to wear, but there is much more to the collection including eye catching rings, crystal pendents, quirky earrings and the watches, these are so on trend right now.  Big, oversized, minimal faces teamed with a sleek strap make these the perfect accompaniment for layers and layers of bracelets this summer, or keep it pure and clean and let the watch speak for itself.


Here are my favourites from the Summer collection, I’ve had a peak at the AW16 collection too and though I’m not wishing the summer away we’re in for a serious treat.

Want to see more check out   and let me know what you think.


Jump to It!

It’s been a while since I did something on jumpsuits, about 10 months, which is about how long I feel my pregnancy has lasted so far (only 3 more weeks to go), and I’m desperate to be able to rock one of my beautiful jumpsuits again.

Summer is the perfect time to give this look a try if it’s not something you’re already confident with, this is because there are a lot of causal styles available which are perfect to team with your whiter than white trainers, and of course our favourite sandals.

A jumpsuit is now acceptable attire for pretty much any and every occasion, we have a wedding in July and all things well I will more than likely look to a jumpsuit over a pretty dress as the perfect outfit option, but you can easily wear a jumpsuit for work or play, beach or bar, wedding or girls night out.  It’s even a super stylish way to dress down when you’re getting some R&R, see below.


Now don’t get me wrong, there is of course one major issue in wearing a jumpsuit – the toilet situation!  I wonder just how many of us have been caught extremely short when we couldn’t get our zip undone, or the queue for the ladies was a little longer than expected! The only way to combat this situation is to give yourself plenty of time to get to the toilet, take a friend if your jumpsuit has fastenings in hard to reach places, and (this is probably the most important) check your toilet has a working lock as nobody wants to be caught with their pants down do they – pardon the pun.

If you’re not great with accessorising, always too much or too little, you can find jumpsuits that come with belts ready to go, taking away the worry of whether what you’ve put together goes.  Some even come with jewellery like the navy M&Co one listed below, but you can basically style them up as much or keep it as simple as your feel comfortable with.

With so many shapes, styles, prints and patterns to navigate I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites that’ll cover holidays, parties, special occasions and even office appropriate attire.  I hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear or see how you guys rock your jumpsuits.